Sunday, 30 December 2007


So where are the top New Year's honours going to this year?
Let me guess--to multi-millionaire's?
Spot on!
And how did I know? Because multi-millionaire's always get them. Indeed it seems to me that the government has a secret plan to exclude "normal" people.
Saved someone's life? Bad luck pal, the top honours are for people who have spent their lives making themselves rich. If you are very lucky you may get scraps from the table. But the real gongs go to the wealthy.
An examination of the 21 new Knights Bachelor tells an interesting tale.
16 seem to be civil servants of some sort. These are of course the top dogs, not the kind of person that gets their hands dirty. And they have spent their lives living off your tax.
4 are captains of industry. These are very very rich people whose target in life has been to earn more & more cash. An example of this is Stuart Rose, the boss of Marks & Spencer. I do not understand what he has done to earn this. He has certainly brought stacks of clothes in from low cost countries at the cost of British jobs but I cannot see how this helps the economy. If M&S were not selling these products someone else would so how have extra jobs been created?
Then there is ofcourse Michael Parkinson. Now Michael cannot be a bad chap. After all, like myself and her ladyship he comes from God's own county. But exactly what has he done to become Sir Michael? He is on TV talking to actors etc. when they have something to sell. Both he and his guests have made an awful lot of money out of this. Great. I have no problem with that. But why does that make him a Knight over the fireman that has saved a life?
Is our society really at the stage where celebrities are more important than life?
I am old enough to remember when the Beatles got an award and old soldiers who had seen their comrades die in battle sent their awards back in protest.
What a long way we have come since then.
But have we come down the right road?
As a nation we should be getting back to basics with the important things in life.
Should not these awards lead us in this direction?

Saturday, 22 December 2007


I have a list of 10 things I would like to happen for Christmas. I am certain that none of them will. But we all have a dream. Here is mine--

1) No more adverts for sofa's on the telly. Honest guys I do not want to buy one & I am sick to my back teeth of them.
2) No more adverts for beds on the telly. This is a fairly new phenomenon & I am bored already.
3) While on the subject I am dreading the usual deluge of "Sale" ads and the BBC showing footage on the news of people who have been queueing outside a shop in London for 3 days. We have seen it all before.Like every year for the last 25 years. Give it a miss. Please.
4) I wish for a wage limit on Premier League footballers so normal people could afford to see a game. Come to think of it that might not work. How could the poor dears manage on £50,000 a week. Silly me.
5) I wish my Wyre Forest council would stop the vendetta against Bewdley Town Football Club. They could instead use some common sense & leave them alone.
6) I wish people who are too lazy to re-cycle be fined £100 a week. Bet they would be all for saving the world then instead of destroying it.
7) I wish the council would increase the council tax in line with inflation. Now I really am being silly!!
8) I wish the bin & re-cycle teams would put the bins & boxes back in the proper place instead of all over the footpaths.
9) I wish politicians would learn to say "Yes" and "No"
They should know that when they prevaricate no one believes what they say.
10)I wish it would snow on Christmas day. How wonderful would it be to wake up to a foot of snow. Then it really would be Christmas!

In case you do not hear from me again before the big day---have a great Christmas You deserve it!!

Monday, 26 November 2007

James brathwaite

Quangos are unelected bodies appointed by the government whose aim seems to be to spend as much of your tax money as fast as they can.
Yet another example of this is James Brathwaite who is listed as a mere part timer at the South East England Development Agency. We can only assume this means getting foreign firms to invest in the London area instead of where the money is needed in the north,Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland.
The London area is very rich already -- these other places are where the jobs and investment should go.
However to get back to the story--Brathwaite has spent £51,489 on taxis & chauffeur driven cars.
Think about that £51,489 of your tax money.
Bearing in mind that he is only part time this means he has spent £343 a day!! This assumes he has taken no holiday!!
Bloody hell how can he have done any work? He must have spent all day driving about to run up such a bill. He could not have had time to get out of the taxis.
When is this crap government going to do something about all this?
Never. Waste is their middle name.
Perhaps Brathwaite has never heard of a bus that normal people use.
But why should he think of a bus when you are paying for his taxi?
Keep on paying suckers!

Thursday, 22 November 2007


Paul Gray has been boss of the tax authority for just 9 months.
He may have been in charge for a very short time but he has one hell of a record.
There have been 2 strikes during that time,it is reported there are hundreds of thousands of unopened tax returns in the offices & he has got rid of thousands of staff that should be dealing with them.
And now has lost 25 million private records of peoples bank details and NI numbers.
One hell of a record in 9 months.
He did not have any control of what was going on and has now walked away from it all.
However not without lining his own nest--just look at this.
His pay in the last tax year rose by 6%. When the government is telling us we should only have a small rise & they are cutting thousands of jobs to save money.
He was getting about £170,000 a year.
He is due to get a pension of £95,000 a year and his total pension pot is £1,786,000.
Made a fortune out of us from being a dead loss then.
I see he also makes money out of keeping sheep.
Well he could do with a good flocking!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007



It seems that a few people in the country thought this government was good & true & honest.
These people were ofcourse locked up in a mad house.

However to confirm the thoughts of the majority they have really pulled off a master stroke this time. They have lost millions of records which contain confidential information such as bank details etc. And the boss has left---just run away. How much of our tax money will he get paid for leaving? I shudder to think.

Could you believe that a government department only has one copy of such important stuff?

This is the government which is refusing to confirm we will get all our billions back from Northern Rock.

At least even the people in the mad house now fail to believe.

Sunday, 18 November 2007


The Climate Change Panel (IPCC) has given it's verdict.


They think the planet is in for a temperature rise of between 1.5% and 2.5%. and this would threaten 30% of animal and plant life. A possible rise of 4% will destroy life as we know it now.

They also say this is irreversible.
The Southern Ocean and rainforests are soaking up less carbon dioxide than ever before.

A lot of recent studies suggest that the situation will be far worse than even this.

We MUST all do our part.
We must re-cycle all possible.
We must re-use all possible.
We must not buy stuff we do not need (Women note this point)
We must use our cars less.

The more we can do now the better life our grandchildren will have. Think of others for a change!!

Monday, 12 November 2007


What a fiddle!
According to a new report peers are using a loophole in the expenses system to give themselves up to £48,000 a year tax free.
They are allowed to claim £308 a day to cover expenses when they are at the House of Lords. You think thats a bit of a cheek out of your tax but just wait for this.
They do not need to prove they have spent anything!!!!
Yes you saw right---your eyes do not fool you.
They do not show any bills or receipts--all they need to do is sign a bit of paper and Hey Presto the money is transfered from you to them. It's a great system if you are a peer.
To say this is open to a fiddle is understating the obvious. But when you look at the detail of their claims it is a real eye opener.
359 of the 550 Lords who claimed "day subsistence" (for meals etc) a £78.50 a day freebie, claimed the full amount 95% of the time. Strange that they should spent the full amount.
272 of the 406 Lords who claim "overnight subsistence" (for hotels or B&B) claimed the full amount(£159.50) of the freebie 95% of the time. Strange that they should spend the full amount.
338 of the 514 Lords who claimed office expenses (£69 a day) claimed the full amount 95% of the time. Strange that they should claim the full amount.

How can you trust a government to run the country when they let people claim things without proof that the money has been spent?
After all a lot of these sleeping old biddies are old or failed polititians. Now who would trust them?
And another thing. What is the Revenue doing letting these bods claim anything they want with no receipt? They would not let me or you do that. If the Revenue is saying these Lords are more honest than me I object to that.
Come on Brown--sort this mess out if you want us to vote for you.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007


Does it pay to be honest?
This is the question people must be asking themselves after a judge said that criminals should have their sentences cut if jails were overcrowded.
O the poor dears. We must not upset them in any way now must we?
Sir Igor Judge (Head of Criminal Justice) says that judges should reduce sentences due to "dreadful conditions". He says judges are justified in cutting sentences if two prisoners are in a cell designed for one.
I am just about fed up with all this namby-pamby stuff.
So criminals do not like jail!

So what?

In case the judge has forgotten jail is supposed to be a punishment. These thieves, murderers, rapists and child molesters are not meant to like it. They should hate it and make themselves vow never to return. How are we going to get them to do this if it is soft? After all they are getting free B & B paid for by the people they have attacked. At a cost to us of up to £40,000 a year. They must be having a good laugh.
Because it's a bit nasty they should be let out so they can commit more crimes?
What on earth is going on here? The people that have been the victims of crime should be looked after not the perpetrators. What is the point of spending millions of pounds on the trials and the police if there is no end product?
If I had my way these criminals would be three to a cell which would make them think "I am not coming back in here"
Even the government has just said that due to overcrowding, offenders due to be given short sentences would only go to prison if there was enough space.
This is a total disgrace. As I said at the start-does it pay to be honest? The answer is no. What is the point if there is no punishment? And with this attitude we are going to have more crime. So there will be less space in jails so more criminals will be on the streets.
Lock up your house! It is at more danger than ever. There is no point in criminals ever being honest.

Saturday, 3 November 2007


The government wants to build 3 million new homes!
Where the hell are they going to put them?
Not In My Back Yard thanks.
I see the National Trust is saying this as well.
Three square miles have been built on every year since 1995.
This will destroy our countryside and the very fabric of our country.

We would not need this if we did not let so many foreign people in here.

This small island is just not big enough.
Lets stop being the soft touch of europe.
Lets get all this under control.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007


Why are we so slow at kicking out foreign criminals?
The cost to us as taxpayers is fantastic.
The average cost to you of keeping a category C prisoner is a whopping £24,000 a year. However the government has now admitted that hundreds of foreigners are being kept in special jails at even more expense to us law abiding folk. There are 154 foreign criminals in Bullwood at a cost of £40,478 a year each and another 284 in Canterbury at a cost of £38,610. Bloody Hell!!
This is more than most of us earn. And to make matters worse I cannot believe these bods have paid any tax on their ill gotten gains. But why should they bother to pay tax when we will pay their share as well as our own? It would be silly really.
Our beloved leader Gordon Brown has pledged to deport all foreign criminals. So where is the boat to put them on?
While these people have a jail of their own our British criminals are being let out early because there is not enough space for them!
1 in 7 of the prison population is foreign (a total of 11,200).This is up from 3,446 in 1993. If these were not here there would be enough room for our bunch with no overcrowding.
Come on Gordon we are waiting.

Saturday, 13 October 2007


Energy is one thing I sometimes have very little of but according to new figures from RICS you will have even less of it if you use your own systems.
These guys say it can take up to 208 years just to get your costs back if you install things like solar panels or a wind turbine.
Bloody hell no wonder you see so few windmills around.
This is not good news for the bods trying to save the planet. In the real world no one will even try this stuff now.
If the government is serious about what it says it should give people financial help to bring this down to a more a sensible period of time.
Then we would all try for this to save money.
Come on Gordon show us your green bits.

Saturday, 6 October 2007


If there was any doubt about how we are being conned by marketing this will dispel it .
A report in this mornings paper reveals that Boots are selling water for £32.92 a litre!
They have put it in a can and called it Expert Sensitive Refreshing Facial Spritz.
The only people it will refresh are the shareholders.
It turns out this is just pure water. Yes that's right. the thing that comes out of your tap.
You are supposed to spray this product on your face and the world becomes good.
Consumers should be aware of the value for money at Boots.
Will you shop there?

Monday, 1 October 2007


Reports in todays papers say that the government is looking to close 15 women's jails. This is as well as the report last week that the criminal classes will be let out early due to lack of space.
This seems to me to be the opposite of what the government have already said about law & order.
Anyway we should not worry.
After all Gordon said only last week he would not let us down. Or was that an American script writer? Who knows?
The main thing is we can trust him--because he says so.
In the meantime I see the Tories have had Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking at their conference.
Why the hell do we want a foreign politition telling us what we should be doing?
Have the Tories run right out of steam? I think we know the answer.
And these bods wonder why we do not go out and vote!

Thursday, 27 September 2007


I see Jack Straw is too review the law about self defence.
And about time too.
The situation when people find themselves facing a robber in their own home but then finish up in court because they have attacked him is not acceptable.
In my book if people break the law they put themselves outside it.
Why should they then get protection from it?
Saying to a druggie (because that is what a lot of them are) "OK pal take my things. I have only spend 50 years working to pay for them. You take them, sell them for a tenth of what they are worth and then spend it on a fix in 5 mins. Thats OK my dear friend" is not going to happen.
The law should be to protect respectable people not the scum of this earth.
Come on Straw. If you want our vote protect us not them.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007


I see that the government has promised troops they will get £140 of council tax free when they are on duty abroad for 6 months.
Why is this?
On this basis everyone working away from home should get a rebate when they are not there.
Many salesmen are away from home every week. They must surely get this as well. They are helping the economy of the country and as such are a great asset.
No one is making these people join the army.
They are doing it because they want to. They travel the world and get free board & free beds where ever they go. Tax free.
And now they get another tax free perk.
There is no new money here so if this lot is not paying we have to pay it for them. Or we could reduce council services.
And Brown claims he will not let me down!!

Friday, 21 September 2007


Yet again a politcian disgraces himself.
In the old days this would be a banner headline but we are so used to it now it is just hidden away on the inside pages.
Andrew Pelling, a Tory MP,was arrested after allegedly assaulting his wife.
As if that was not bad enough the wife is pregnant.
These are the people who tell us how to live our lives.
These are the people who tell us to help climate change whilst flying off at the taxpayers expense to some distant land on some mission they could have done from their desk.
MP's should take a good hard look at themselves before telling us what to do.
Because most people would like to tell them what to do and where to go.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007


The bosses at Northern Rock said everything was OK.
The government said everything was OK.
And no one would believe a word of it.
Well what a surprise!
They advertise every day in every way to try to get you to borrow money so you can buy things you cannot afford. And then when you cannot pay it back they pounce on you like a tiger from behind a rock.
I have never understood why people want to spend money they do not have. But people never learn. Conned by adverts for expensive items they get themselves in trouble. And the banks have a good laugh and pocket millions in profit.
How nice to see a bank in a sweat for a change. Just great!
And people do not trust them. Well Well Well.
Not unless you are out on day release.

How great these people have had the finger.
Sorry guys we do not trust you and the reason is you.
Just have a look at yourself.

Sunday, 9 September 2007


I see the McCanns are back in the UK & asking the press to leave them alone!
Thats rich.
They have spent their time since Maddie went missing begging the press to put them on the front pages. And they have been pretty good at it to.
They have been there on a very regular basis.
Now the finger has been pointed at them they just want the press to go away.
Sorry guys--it does not work that way.
You have made yourselves into media stars and that is the way it is likley to stay.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007


For a long time the people of the UK have thought they were being taken for a ride by their MP's.
And MEP's seem to do even less for us. Where is evidence of their work so that we can see how we benefit from the vast expense?
However one MEP has taken this doubt to a new level.
Ashley Mote, MEP for the South East, has been sent to jail for 9 months for stealing from us. Yes from us, the people that pay his £60,000 a year. What a man of principle!
He was falsely claiming state benefits while living a lavish lifestyle and running two companies.
But was still screwing us for every penny he could.
But fear not, he does not need to stop taking our money. He will go on shafting us. He does not have to give up his MEP job just because he is in jail so can continue to claim your £60,000 for as long as he is an MEP.
We all know a nice person like Mote will resign at once and so save the poor honest taxpayer his wages.
Like hell he will.
He will just add this to the £65,506 he has already stolen from us.
And why not. After all he is a politician. We expect no less.

Monday, 3 September 2007


At last we have got rid of the great hanger on. The man you thought you would pay your tax forever to keep in luxury.
But he has gone!!
Joker Prescott has been forced to give up his (our) Jaguar and hand it back to us.
He has lost his driver as well. Shame.
He has even lost his team of security men. That bunch in the dark suites with a bulge in a place that disappointed the wife.

We will miss John Prescott (AKA Shaggie). We will miss laughing at him which would brighten up those dark winter days.

Life will never be quite the same.
My God I am missing him already.

How the mighty have fallen

Friday, 24 August 2007


The terrible news of Rhys Jones being murdered in Liverpool is the culmination of several similar incidents. And ofcourse it will not be the last.
The number one question is how do kids get guns?
And the number two question is how can we stop them getting them.
This is one of the things that I would not mind the government spending money on.
We must find out how these weapons are getting into the country and stop it at once.
If guns are available certain sections of the community WILL use them. Thats for certain.
And when children see this they will copy it because that is what children do. And guns in the hands of children who do not understand the dangers or the concsequences will ruin lives.
We must take action. Come on Gordon Brown -- what are you doing?


This is what you are being paid for.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007


The Phillip Lawrence case will not go away.
Now the madness of the Human Rights Act will not allow his killer to be deported,
This is someone from a foreign country who murdered a man dedicated to helping the local community. He shot poor Phillip in cold blood without a thought for his victim, wife or children.
But the law says it is just fine for him to stay here. This flies in the face of what Gordon Brown said only last month. Brown said "If you commit a crime you will be deported". Could this be a politician telling lies by any chance?
The obvious thought is that you cannot trust what Brown says.
The Chindamo lawyer says his client will be able to go out in society and play a full part. Sure.
He will play a full part in living off the taxpayer for who would employ a murderer?
Looks good on his CV do you think?
We all know you and I will pay for him to live for the rest of his life. As far as I can see he has made no effort to do anything whilst in jail. His lawyer says he should not be deported to Italy as he cannot speak Italian.If he is now a good citizen why did he not learn it while in jail instead of sitting there waiting for the tax payer to feed him?
Remember you and I as taxpayers picked up the bill for the murder enquiry.
We picked up the bill for the trial.
We indeed picked up the bill for BOTH sides.
We picked up the bill for his jail sentence so have kept him for the last 12 years.
We picked up the bill for the meetings to deport him.
We will pick up the bill for the pending appeal ( both sides ).
And when he has won we will keep him for the rest of his life.
While inside he will have picked up all the tricks of how to screw the social security for every penny. This is what happens when you mix with other scum bags.

Can a thought be given for the feelings of the widow Frances?
What horror must she be going through? Her life has been ruined by this yob, her children grew up without a dad and still there is no justice. She is reported to be devastated. She has said she cannot survive this any more. Who can blame her?
Where is justice?


Friday, 17 August 2007


I see that £60 billion was wiped of the value of shares yesterday.
This is such a disaster for me I may have to top myself so this could be my last blog.
I may have to sell my private jet. Just imagine having to fly cattle class with all those smelly people.
One just does not do that sort of thing.
If things get really bad my butler Harris (I do not know his first name--I do'nt suppose he has one) may have to stop ironing my copy of the Times and I so hate crinked papers. They seem so used. Do you not agree?
Must be off I am late for the club. I am talking about Pall Mall Club not Barnsley Working Mans Club. Although the way things are it could come to that.
I may even have to dig into my Daddies last 20 Mill.
Times are hard for we monied classes--you would not understand.

Thursday, 9 August 2007


So just what is going on at Royal Mail?
The company that you own is refusing to publish it's latest financials. It is thought that one of the reasons is because they are far better than they are telling the unions as they try to sack tons of staff and get the others to work harder to cover the jobs whilst offering them a 2.5% rise.
Another reason could be that the big bosses have awarded themselves a whopping bonus on top of their big basic and they think that could inflame the problems with the union. At least they are right there!
However as tax payers who own Royal Mail we have the right to know what is going on & how our money is being wasted.
The sheer arrogance of these people beggers the question "should they be in charge" of a company owned by the state.
It seems only a short time ago that we castigated Russia for not telling their people what was going on in the state.
Now we are doing the same.
We are going backwards with this policy.
Do we want to go down the Rusia Red route?

Monday, 6 August 2007


BA have shown their true colours in the fight against global warming.
They have managed to separate 22,000 items of baggage from their owners on the way to the USA.
This has taken 10 baggage flights over the big pond all pouring out rubbish into the atmosphere just to correct BA's errors.
The message is clear. If you want to lose your baggage and kill the planet all at one go--fly BA.
Who will you fly with?

Sunday, 5 August 2007


It comes as no surprise to learn that the Post Office is to pay the executive in charge £1m bonus if he does as he is told and shuts 2,500 post offices on time.
This is as well as his £250,000 basic you are paying him.

No account is given of the effect this will have on village life. Tesco is intent on grabbing a larger and larger slice of your cash on food and non-food which is closing more stores.
This means village life as we know it is under serious threat.
More people will move to towns due to lack of facilities where they live.
The ones left will have to drive miles further to get services. How does all this help their carbon footprint?

Most people do not want to see their Post Office close. Yet we are made to pay, through our tax, to do just that. And we even pay a big bonus to the man doing it as a thank you.

Thursday, 2 August 2007


Re my previous blog I see that the above-- who ever he is-- is guilty of child porn charges.
Well at least we know who he is now.

Another dirty old man thats who.

Was it really worth the thrill Chris Thingy something?

But then we all have research to do.

Gosh I will really miss this star now he will be going to jail.


Following hot on the heels of the news yesterday that the NHS has wasted a total of almost £5 Million pounds on a suspended doctor they have now decided is OK after all comes todays news that the NHS cannot afford to give taxpayers a much needed arthritis drug.
The cost per patient is a stiff £9,300 per year. Yes it is a lot of money. But just let me play with my calculator.

Yes I see it now. 537 good people of this land could have been put out of misery for a year if this doctor had been working instead of at home watching the telly on two thirds of his £110,000 pay. And all the other costs that we wasted money on ofcourse.

Do I detect a slight imbalance here between waste and serving people?
The scales of justice would be so one sided they would off the Old Bailey if they could see this.

Good job they are blind.

Sunday, 29 July 2007


I see that even after leaving office Tony Blair is still on the freebie hunt.
Tony and his mob are off to Barbados to stay with his very good friend Cliff at the £3million villa "Sugar Hill"

I suppose when you get in a habit it becomes hard to break.

I have a 20p off coupon for Kellogs Corn Flakes. Wonder if Tony wants that?

Saturday, 28 July 2007


I see that on TV tonight ITV1 is putting out a show called "Baby Ballroom" where looking at the trailer put out every break ,features little children as young as 8.
What a disgrace!
A TV company making money out of little children.
These kids should out playing in the garden having fun. To go on TV they must practice for hours a day. What are their parents doing pushing them to this extent.
These kids are being robbed of their childhood for the sake of money.
Instead of playing Superman and being out in the fresh air riding their bikes they are being drilled like robots in the quest for cash.
Their parents should be ashamed of themselves. Children are only young once. When childhood is gone it is gone---it can never return.
In years to come will these kids thank their parents or curse them. This is a big gamble and I think I know the answer.
Even if the kids make the grade and the money, they will remember their childhood as a slog not as fun in the park.

Of course a paedophile will look at this show with glee. But does ITV1 care? Only for the profit.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007


Severn Trent have confirmed that although they have been unable to deliver water to thousands of their customers the shareholders should not worry as they will still make the projected £300 Million profit.
Well that's put my mind at rest then.

Sunday, 22 July 2007


Is there no end to the waste of our tax money?
It would seem not.
But the latest effort to help us get rid of our hard earned cash defies the most hardened council.
The great plan is to give prizes to junkies for not being a junkie. NICE (a great name) wants to give a £5 voucher (min) each time a junkie tests negative for drugs. And they could well have at least 3 tests a week. They could get draw tickets for prizes of £100 or more as well.
Can you just imagine what this will cost you? So a junkie goes 6 weeks drug free-then gives in-and has £90 to spend. He may buy an i-pod with this or put it towards a telly. He would have bought the i-pod anyway so what will he do with the extra £90. Well lets guess! The drug dealers must be having a right laugh.
That is more than can be said for the people with a real disease like cancer when the NHS refuses to give them a proven drug because they say it is too expensive.
Where do the guardians of our cash get there ideas from?
These people had the choice of taking the drug. The woman with breast cancer did not.
Tell me how this can be fair.

Friday, 20 July 2007


Once again the Olympics raises it's ugly head.
I see that Jack Lemley, former chairman of Olympic Delivery Authority (whatever the hell that is)left last October. That is the good news.
The bad news is that he took £611,000 of your tax money with him.
Lemley worked part time of 6 months last year.
For this he was paid £165,000 plus £58,000 expenses (which will be tax free)
For £58,000 he must have had a whale of a time in 6 months. But ofcourse you can when some other sucker is paying.
A "negotiated departure" then took place. This meant we gave him another £388,000 for doing nothing.
I wish a civil servant had negotiated my departure when I took early retirment. I would be in the Caribbean now.
Both sides took legal advice on the departure. No word of that cost to you is available.
So lets assume another £50,000 as we will have picked up the tab for both sides.
If this bloke was as rubbish as you would assume, why was he appointed in the first place?
And who appointed him?
And has he got promotion?
And how much does he cost you?
And more to the point has he got the boot as well. He cannot do his job.
I think not. He still sits with his feet up on a desk in London raking in your cash.

Will this latest fiasco be added to the final bill when the government admits the loss?
Of course not. It will get lost, as the whole thing should.
The latest information is a cost of £9.3 Billion. And this will not be the end of it.
Perhaps we should all move to London so we see some of the benefit.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007


This famous actor (ever heard of him? Me neither-you are not alone)
Star of "The Thick Of It" (ever heard of it? Me neither-you are not alone)
is in court again on child sex charges.
I assume you can call having it away with a 14 year old child sex.
Well you can when you are a dirty old man.

It is now claimed he said that downloading images of torture made him feel a better man.
What kind of a man are you in the first place when this makes you feel better.
Not a real man thats for sure.

Saturday, 30 June 2007


What brave guys these are.
The guys that went into the London bombing car to take out the mobile phone before it could set off the bomb.
The car was packed with 60 litres of petrol, nails and gas cannisters and would have made one hell of a mess of anyone within 400 yards let alone of anyone inside the car.
The police are searching for the scum bags that did this, lets hope these bums burn in hell.
In the meantime how about an award for the bomb squad that did this great deed.
A knighthood would be great for the man that went into the car.
In an age of people getting a knighthood for singing and being on the TV as they line their own pocket this would bring us back to the real world.
It may make multimillionaires like Elton John, Tom Jones or Cliff Richard feel ashamed. To be in the same thought as these brave and wonderful people would make any decent person feel humble.

Friday, 29 June 2007


The sheer cheek of football beggers belief.
In an industry awash with money, Brooking wants the taxpayer to foot the bill for kids learning to play the game.
Bloody hell!
What cheek!!
What gall!!
The reason kids are not breaking through into the big time is because the clubs have to much money.
They are spending it on foreign players, paying them £130,000 a week, so our youngsters cannot get in the teams. They are therefore not able to develop their talents.
Hey Trev, why not use just 1% of this money to do this job?
Or are you happy to take money away from the NHS and let people die.
Shame on you. You have just fallen to the bottom of my nice guys list from the very top. Did the fall hurt your head? For the sake of the poor taxpayers lets hope it knocked some sence into it.

Monday, 25 June 2007


I see that football lover Eriksson has still not joined Manchester City.
He is reported to be holding out for an extra half million a year on top of the £2 Million on offer and on top of bonus money.
(I suppose he discounts bonus money as he will not get any unless it is paid for shagging tarts.)
He does not have the excuss of needing more transfer money. He has been promised £50 Million.
So what is the problem Sven?
What will you do with all that money taken from the poor people as entrance fees?
It is coming in faster than you can spend it.

Grab this money fast--there will be no better offer as most football owners understand a least a little about football --and that would exclude them hiring you.

Please take the job--the nation wants to laugh at you failing again.

Sunday, 24 June 2007


The bandwagon rolls on.
Prescott, one of the big hangers on of all time, is still hanging on.
He is to be given use of his flat in Whitehall's Admiralty House for no one know's how long while he finds somewhere in London to live.
He has lived free on the taxpayer since 1997 in luxury we could only dream of.
Why the hell is he still doing it now?
This flat costs the taxpayer (you) £100,000 a year.
Prescott now does nothing for his money (has he ever?)
Why has Prescott not arranged another bed before now? He has known since last year that he would be on his bike when his mate Blair left. No one else would want to be tainted by this dick head.
If this is the planning he puts into his own life how could he run the country?

Friday, 22 June 2007


I see that the new owner at Man City, Thaksin Shinawatra ,has offered Eriksson a 3 year contract worth £2M a year.
I can only think that Shinawatra knows nothing about football at all which must be a real concern for Man City fans.
Eriksson is not a football manager--more a money box.
He has been talking to City for three days trying to extract every last penny. Sound familiar?
He took a fortune out of England and delivered nothing.
And I bet he does the same again at City.
If Shinawatra knew anything about football he would understand the distain that English fans hold him in.

However there is a silver lining to the Eriksson cloud. If our team is doing rubbish & we have no interest in the season we can sit back and enjoy him fail at City.


O' sorry 6 months to early

Tuesday, 19 June 2007


2,000 Criminals are to be released early because there is not enough room in jail.
Yet again justice is not seen to be done.
We will have to walk the streets and rub shoulders with these yobs while their victims will get no release from their pains.
And this is because the government has failed in it's duty to invest in the system.
There is very little I can agree with when it comes to spending my hard earned cash but this is one of them. It is the only way justice can be seen to be done, one of the only ways people can see it makes sense to go straight.
The law is already skewed in the favour of the criminal minority--and here we go again.
Does it pay to be honest?
This government is saying no.
And after all they should know.

Saturday, 9 June 2007


As you are no doubt aware I hate "celebrities" and feel sorry for the plebs that worship them. How sad can you get?
However even I have been drawn into the Hilton drama. If you have missed it having been on the moon, it is the story of a girl with a rich daddy who can have anything and do anything she wants. She has no skills but no matter. Why work when you can scrounge of daddy?
With this in mind she broke the law and was sent to jail.
She then cried a lot (poor thing)so was let out.
Strange she got out. People without money don't get out because they cry a lot.They are called a baby arse and a lot worse.
What a farce and a mockery of the law.
However a knight in shining armour rode in to rescue justice. He was called Judge Sauer. He is a strange thing in America--a man of princple.
He has sent her back to jail (still crying!!) to serve the full sentance.
The LA Sheriff who let her out is on his way out himself.

This is a strange case because justice has beaten money.
Enjoy it, you may never see it's like again.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007


May the good Lord save us from all this.
How could a logo for the London olympics cost that much?
Four shapes of arrows and z's with (of course) London printed on it.
I have seen no breakdown of how this fantastic amount was arrived at.
Although I have heard loud laughter in the middle of the night which I assume is the owner of the design company. Strange how sound travels at night. It is a long way from a 4 star hotel in Barbados.
And there again is that arrogant prick Coe with his arms wide open (to catch your income tax) showing us how wonderful he is.
Coe will go down in history as the man that wasted more of the British taxpayers money than anyone else.
Congratulations Seb. You are number one.

Sunday, 3 June 2007


Yet further information, if it were needed,of the way MP's are ripping us off all the time.
The Sunday Times reports on MP'S putting in claims for items such as iPods and even a plasma screen TV and a fish tank.
These bend bastards spend a total of £87 million of your tax money on expenses.
Yes £87 million is what I said.
Strange there was a surge in iPod buying just before Xmas.
Remember these are the people that wanted to be exempt from the Freedom of Information Act!!! Would there be any reason for that? Are they trying to hide something? Ofcourse not.These are our representatives in the league of honour and fair play.
So why should they hide what they are doing?
This is our money and every penny should be accounted for.


Saturday, 2 June 2007


News this morning of fake drugs flooding the country.
Ill people are taking these drugs expecting them to help or even cure them.
Instead they are being made worse by these items.
How obscene can you get?
One person at a wholesalers has thankfully been arrested. Lets hope these scum bags can be jailed.
This kind of action can result in a great number of deaths.
What should the penalty be for this terrible crime?
Lets bring back the death penalty for such a crime as this where criminals are prepared to kill people for money.
Is it possible to get lower than this?

Wednesday, 30 May 2007


I see that teachers are asking for a 10% rise!!!
At least they have a really good sense of humour.
I too could use a 10% rise but not being employed by the taxpayer it does not seem likley.
And I would not have the cheek even to ask.
Are these the people that complain when their council tax rises by 5%?
Are these the people that finish at 3.30pm?
( They will tell you they work out of hours-dosen't everyone?)
Are these the people that have 3 months paid holiday?
Are these the people that are on holiday NOW?
Are these the people that have so much time on their hands they take part time jobs?
Are these the people on £30,000 min of taxpayers money?
Are these the people that have so much time on their hands they can go to meetings to talk about the 10% while the taxpayers work to keep them?
I do not want to pay you any more and you will not get it.
However how about this for a good idea--go to work in the private sector.
See how many hours you work.
See how many holidays you get.
See what you are told when you ask for 10%.
But the big question is would you last long enough to get your first holiday?
Me thinks not me does.

Sunday, 27 May 2007


My paper this morning tells the story of another TORY MP taking us for a ride.
Derek Conway TORY MP employs his little boy,Fred, as an assistant with the tax payer footing the bill to the tune of £981 a month even though he is a full time student.
And not only that. Guess what else? His dear wife is employed as an assistent and we pay her £3271 a month.
Why does the great British public think all MP's are not to be trusted?
I just cannot think.
I wonder if the Mail on Sunday is running this story.
Drat, I bet they missed this one.
The Mail's editor must be so upset at missing this scoop.

Saturday, 26 May 2007


Why the hell should I (poor and old as I am) have to subsidise the idol who refuse to re-cycle their rubbish?
And who are all these people who are complaining about a spy in the bin?
I can only assume they are the idol who cannot be bothered to re-cycle. Well I have got a really good idea.
Why don't these people put half the energy they use moaning into re-cycling. The world would be saved overnight.
I have news for you moaners. I do not want to pay for your lack of concern of babies and animals dying in Africa.
I want to take every possible bit of action to help the cause. And this is in spite of the fact that I am not going to live long enough to see the results of my efforts. But perhaps that is a good thing. If I saw the results produced by some people's lack of interest and effort it would make me cry.
Doing things because we have always done them will lead to disaster for the world.
Wake up the idol brigade----TAKE ACTION.

Sunday, 20 May 2007


The FA Cup goes to Chelsea in one of the worst and most boring finals in living memory.
But that does not stop the old moaner Ferguson saying the normal things that Ferguson does.
The ref was crap he says. Strange. Everyone else says he was great.
The Chelsea goalie was bundled into the net with the ball but Ferguson says it should have been a goal.
We all know he is old but he is going back 40 years when that would have been allowed.
Get real Fergie--you have LOST.
Even you can not have all the money.

Thursday, 17 May 2007


So the prince of guts wil not fight in a war after all ( see blog below )
Why is that? After all, normal people who are being paid money by the tax payer have to when they are in the army.
Perhaps the prince is far better than these lads Or perhaps he is just frightened he might get hurt. Or perhaps he feels that as a multi-millionaire he is above people that have worked for their money. Or perhaps his butler will not go on the front line to wipe his arse for him. How on earth would he manage then?
But don't worry my royal prince poor people will stand in for you and get killed. You sit at the back having a good laugh with your jolly good friends.
But have you ever wondered what you are doing in the army.
Or indeed with your life.
I know what I am doing--I am trying to pay the bills.
Is the prince of guts doing that or having a free jolly at the taxpayer expense?

Monday, 14 May 2007


A normal Monday morning.
Harriers lost at Wembley.
Sheffield United relegated.
Pissing down with rain.
No numbers on the lottery.
Got to go out to work.
A normal Monday morning.

Friday, 11 May 2007


Tomorrow is the big day. I have been waiting for this for weeks.
My Kidderminster Harriers will be playing at Wembley in fronT of the biggest crowd ever for an F A Trophy final.
We already hold the crowd record of over 34,000 but the gate tomorrow should be over 60,000.
O K a lot of them will be going to see the new stadium but they will also be cheering for the boys.
People in the town are talking about football for the first time in years. The income from all this ( gate money, live T V money, shop sales etc ) should ensure the club gets of to a flier next season. This could be just the kick start that is needed.
But I must keep my feet on the ground.

Thursday, 3 May 2007


I see in this mornings paper that they are now saying that alcohol shrinks the brain.
What a load of rubbish!
I cannot understand any .........



Just remind me what I was saying.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007


Five of the men who planned to kill thousands of innocent people in a shopping centre were jailed for life yesterday. The police and MI5 have done well. Lives have been saved even if the trial has cost us £50 million.
Money well spent.
Now the battle is on to find other scum still at large.
For this is not the end. Others are keen to kill you and yours because you will not agree with what they say.

Money spent on finding these people and locking them away for ever is money well spent.
Lets have more of it.

Friday, 27 April 2007


All this about poor pampered Harry. He says he is not afraid to die and so should be allowed to fight in the war.
And the boys right.
What is the point of the taxpayer forking out hard earned dosh on paying him and feeding him and clothing him and arming him and training him etc if he is to sit in a room with his feet up watching Corrie?
If he can do nothing on taxpayers money, can't everyone? And if everyone does where will all this money come from?
The taxpayer ofcourse. But hang on, no one will work so no one will pay tax.
Have we been here before?
Lets be honest, not many royals want to do a REAL days work, so when this lad wants to, let him get on with it.
If you join the armed forces there is a good chance of facing danger. Why should it be different if you are royal
Let him earn his keep because he will also earn the peoples respect.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007


I see that the US gun lobby says it is Britains fault that 32 were killed at Virginia Tech!!!
They say that due to Dunblane the teachers and students were not armed!!!
Only in America could this claim be made (see below).
If any idiot did not have guns it would not have happened.
How can more guns solve this problem?
Perhaps Americans want to kill all other Americans.
There would then be no one left to kill. Gosh--what a good idea.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007


What an idle bugger Jim Webber is.
He has decided to give up his work on the land because he says he can only work for 10 mins at a time and then has to take a little rest. " This is not fair on the people I work for" Jim says.
However before we brand Jim as just another scrounger he does say he will concentrate on selling his produce which will be a little more restful for him.
We should also bear in mind that Jim is 104 and has worked on the land for 94 years.
I think he deserves a little of my tax money and I am very pleased to hand it over to him. In fact I wish I could do it myself! I would love to shake his hand.
Bloody hell is this me writing this? Wanting people to take my tax?
Yes it is. At last I have found a just and worthy cause.
What a contrast to most of the idle living off my tax.
Thanks Jim. You have re-newed my faith in the human race.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007


Newspapers around the world lead with the terrible events in America yesterday,
Yet again a nutter runs amok and kills innocent kids.
But why should people be surprised?
This has happened stacks of times before and I promise you it will happen again.
The reason?
America ignores the facts.
They seem to think that guns are toys and people should be allowed to own them.
While this is the case this kind of thing will continue.
In more mature countries it is against the law to have a gun.
In America they are openly on sale. Believe it or not they have gun shops selling death. No one seems to bother because there is good profit to be made. In America profit comes before life.
Just remember--the purpose of a gun is to kill.
Do not be shocked when they do.

Sunday, 15 April 2007


I just love the Sunday Times.
After all how can a paper that charges 2 quid for news you can get for free on the internet be all daft.
However the advert on page 16 of sport today makes you hopping mad.
It is their own advert for shoes and says "Buy one get one free"
Now never one to take the piss I think this is in very bad taste.
After all how can this work?
You would buy a left and a right anyway so they are giving you nothing ( after all this is News International so you would expect this)
Unless, of course, you only have a left foot. Then you would only need one and could do nothing with the right shoe. Unless you had a friend that only had a right foot. You could then do a deal and sell the right shoe and make a profit.
If you ask them to only send one shoe this would be expensive at about £29.
Do you think they would do a deal and give you a discount if you only had the one?
This would also avoid waste and help global warming.
Yes, this is the best plan.
My head hurts now. I am going for a lay down in a darkened room.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007


The news that going to bed with a cocoa may stave off a heart attack is great news for old sods like me.
At last I can wake up about 11 p.m. turn off the telly and put the kettle on for a real nightcap without feeling a silly old git. After all the with it people will all be having cocoa now.
For the first time in my life I will be hip--sorry cool. Almost gave my real age away there.
All I need to do is find my slippers.
Or would that make me seem hot?
It's spoilt now--damm it.

Saturday, 7 April 2007


The most surprising news story of the year so far is that Alex Ferguson is complaining.
No it is not the normal one of all referees are against Manchester United.
This time it is because Spurs are playing their league game against Chelsea with an early kick off today after being in a European game on Thursday Night.
Fergie thinks the poor dears will be tired out after working for 90 mins two days ago and so give Chelsea an advantage.
As well as this being a load of crap why does he always think the world is aginst him?
He ought to see a doctor
He does not know he is born.
Having the world against you is living in Africa with your babies dying because you do not have any clean water. And when your farm animals are dying due to a lack of water and feed and you can see your only food source disappear.
Having the world against you in this country is living on a sink estate on £120 a week with no hope.
Do you want more examples? Perhaps you do not need them.
Grow up Fergie and get yourself in the real world.
It may seem strange to you but there are more important things than football and more important things than putting bonus money in a multi millionairs pocket.

Friday, 30 March 2007


Poor old Steve McClaren is getting somr right stick from the England supporters and press just because he has so far failed in his job.
Personal abuse given to him during the Andorra game was a bit over the top perhaps but hang on a minute here.
McClaren is screwing millions out of the game. And who puts those millions in? Why the supporters of course.
Football is a very expensive sport to watch and the reason is because people like McClaren take so much out of the other end. Now no one seems to mind this when these people are doing their job (ie winning). But when they fail to do their job (ie fail to win) the people putting all this money in should have a right to voice their opinion.
McClaren is saying he will not leave the job. He has no intention of leaving the gravy train while the FA are still lining his pocket. Fair enough--he has a contract that Tosser Barwick gave him after all.
But he knows what to expect if he continues to fail.
So Steve try giving us a half decent performance for once or do not complain about people telling you that you are crap.
You cannot have the millions, be crap and have folk tell you are wonderful. Life is just not like that.

Tuesday, 27 March 2007


I see the pope has confirmed that sinners really do go to Hell and not only that but burn for ever in the everlasting fire of the dammed.
However there is a get out from all this.
The Pope says that "if you admit blame and promise to sin no more" you should be OK--so try to remember that.
I am a little confused as to where the line is between good and bad.
Although even I would admit that to murder is a sin, do things like having a few pints of best bitter count?
And how many can you have? Perhaps 1 is OK and 6 is bad. And if that is so is 3 good or bad?
And if you throw up on the new carpet is that bad enough to see you in flames for eternity? Even if you offer to clean it up (the next day of course)
And how does the Pope know all this, has the Lord been down for a chat?
If so perhaps they have organised another meeting to go over the details.
Check the diary the boys. As Gordon Brown would say "the devil's in the detail)

Sunday, 25 March 2007


Will Steve McClaren ever win a real game of football?
This is the question football fans are asking after yet another crap show.
Was this against a top international side? If so perhaps we would expect to be second best. But hang on--this was against ISRAEL!!!
Bloody Hell!!!
You can see why these players get over 100k a week. Can't you?
Well if you can please explain it to me because I am lost.
At least we will get a result on Wednesday against ANDORRA.
Even Stourport Swifts could win against Andorra.
But what does that prove? We can only win against crap--thats what.
Come on McClaran start earning your millions or get off the gravy train.

Wednesday, 21 March 2007


The big headline is "income tax cut from 22p to 20p"
Is that great or what?
But just hold on a second.
Brown is cutting the 10p band altogether so the first load of tax you pay will be at 20p instead of 10p.
Is this the start of the underhand tricks we can expect when Brown is PM?

I think it is.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007


After last night's games it looks all but certain that we are to have a Manchester Unitd v Chelsea Cup Final at the new Wembley.
This really is a new era. A stadium costing over £3/4 of a billion plays host to the two richest clubs in the land.
The new era says that all that matters in football is money. With it you can win anything. Without it you will win nothing.
How we all long for the romantic days of the Matthews final when smaller clubs could win the big one. We all know that Blackpool will never win the Cup again. How sad is that?
Is there any point paying £50 to watch Chelsea if you know what the league will look like at the end of the season before it even starts. Just look at the terrible state of football in Scotland & we are headed in the same direction.
Where were the big shocks in this years cup? Down the pan!
Who wants to put a tenner on next years league winner? You will not be far wrong!

Sunday, 18 March 2007


I see Wayne Roony and his bird have signed a contract with Hello magazine for £1.5 million for their wedding pictures.
Just how greedy can these people get?
The "you can take a picture of me if you pay me money" clan may be pathetic.
However what about the mugs that buy the magazine (who are really paying for this?)
What sad lives many of us must live when the highlight is spying on others.
By the way there is NO truth that Wayne's prostitute is to be a bridsmaid.

I have just turned down £1.37 from the Kidderminster Shuttle for pictures of me in the Nags Head downing a pint of Banks bitter. I have my pride.
P S I am holding out for two quid.

Friday, 16 March 2007


The latest Whitehall figure for the Olympics is a wopping £9.3 bn.
They are in such a mess trying to find this that they are raiding the lottery good causes fund. This means that thousands of worthwhile projects all over the country will be ignored so that London can have money spent on it.
But it does not end there.
Brown is taking a further £675 million from the lottery but another £6 bn will come from your taxes as well.
We are told that this is money well wasted, sorry spent,and that it will leave a host of wonderful venues. This may be and indeed at this price they should be wonderful but there is a slight problem here. The only people to gain any benefit will be Londoners. The vast majority of people, who live outside London, will see no benefit but will be paying £6bn anyway. How can this be a good deal?
And if you judge on the past record of the government do you really believe that £9.3 bn will be the final cost? Not a bloody chance.We can round it up to £10bn at the very least.
What a terrible waste of money. We can cut down on public services but at the same time waste all this cash. And bare in mind that most top athletes are millionaires so why should we give them more.
KEEP PAYING YOUR TAX -- PLEASE Your government needs it.

Sunday, 11 March 2007


This government seems to delight in giving your tax away.
However it has hit spectacular new highs of daftness even by their standards.
You are paying for unemployed single parents to have beauty treatments, massages and would you believe it shopping sprees.
This includes £30 to spend on a day out!
And to make things worse Hereford & Worcester where I live is amongst the areas offering this super service.
These scroungers must have been out of work for at least 18 months to qualify.
In other words they have been taking handouts from you for years already.
Some women have had their make-up done, had facials, their nails filed and ears pierced!
The object of this is to help them find work! Since when has having your ears pierced got you a job?
Would they not be better spending their time applying for a job?

Thursday, 8 March 2007


There are no fewer than five council workers earning over £200,000!
Bloody hell no wonder pensioners are revolting!
The number of local authority staff earning over £100,000 has jumped from 429 in 2005 to 578 last year. Thats 35%
The pay rise averaged 6.09% for these top earners. This is three times the 1.9% imposed by Gordon Brown on public sector workers last week.
Some town hall fat cats got over 10% extra of your money.
When will Gordon get to grips with this?
Or is he too weak?

Sunday, 4 March 2007


It has come to light that Terry Wogan gets PAID for hosting "Children in Need".
The muti- millionaire gets over £9000 from your TV licence fee.
He is the only act to get paid.
What a total con.
Has the man got no shame?
Ordinary people, many of whom struggle to pay their mortgage, pay hard earned cash to help others while Wogan takes money out of the system.
And he has done so since 1980.
What the hell is the BBC doing throwing our money away like this?
The millions Wogan has got from us over the years he should be paying in like other folk not raking it in.
Come on Wogan give our money back.

Thursday, 1 March 2007


Ever keen to throw our money away the Department for Work and Pensions has surpassed it's self.
They have paid out £520 Million by mistake!!
Yes I did say £520 Million!!
£340 Million is listed as official error.
£120 Million on claiment error.
£60 Million as fraud claim.

Who is responsible for this?
No bugger. They just take our money and laugh.
Keep paying the tax folks.
Or use your vote.

Monday, 26 February 2007


Cleric loses deportation appeal

Radical Islamic cleric Abu Qatada loses his appeal

And you thought there was no justice any more.

The British legal system IS wonderful!!!

Sunday, 25 February 2007


The UK Independence Party have got a few seats on the back of their claim to root out the people on the European Gravy Train.
What a great platform. We all want to get rid of the bent and the bad, After all it is our money they are running off with. I could vote for these guys.
But just you hang on a minute there.
Tom Wise, one of the whiter than white party, is under investigation for embezzling almost £40,000 of your money. He is said to have claimed it for staff costs but putting most of it in his own pocket.
This comes hot on the heals of news that the Electoral Commission is starting a full enquiry into UKIP finances after its repeated failures to stick to the rules.
What do I always say?
The pocket they are feeling in is yours.

Monday, 19 February 2007


Once again footballers behave like spoilt children.
And why not indeed?
After all thats what they are.
Liverpool players fighting among themselves. This cannot be any surprise when Bellamy is in the squad. Bellamy AKA The Thug does have a little track record after all.
And what can the Liverpool manager do about this?
Nothing at all thats what.
These players are all multi-millionaires and do not give a damm about anything or anyone. If they did they would not be fighting.
The manager can fine the players!! Like that would worry them. It may take them a quarter of an hour to earn it back again. Big deal.
He cannot sack them--they have a cast iron contract.
Anyway football only worries about money. If a player can get them a win morals do not matter. They will be played and called a hero. Children will use them as a role model and behave in the same way. There will be more yobs on the street. And who picks up the bits?
Society and the taxpayer.
People ask why we have all this crime from children.
This is all part of the problem.
Football is helping to make all this worse--and it does not care a damm. It just cares about the God of money.

Friday, 16 February 2007


Looking at my (and your) tax money being grabbed by greedy MP's really opens your eye's.
They even spend £5 million on travel!
Eric Joyce (Labour) has claimed £45,000. OK he lives in Falkirk but this is twice what a lot tax payers have to live on all year.
Diane Abbott (Labour) who lives in London claimed £2,235 on taxis! Are they no buses in London? Yes, Abbot, we are all busy but we do not all live off the tax payer. Would you spend that if you were paying it yourself? Don't make me laugh.
Barry Gardiner (Labour) lives in London and spent £4,213 of your money on mileage. When asked how he could have done that many miles he said "I have absolutely no interest in talking about things like that" Who the hell does he think he is?
And what can be done about this disgraceful situation?
The people that control it are all MP's on the gravy train. Do you think they are going to change the rules when that change would mean less of your tax money going in their pocket?
Your MP does not give a stuff about you--inspite what he says. He just wants to line his pocket.
There is only one way to get rid--at the ballot box. Just remember this.

Friday, 2 February 2007


Do Tony Blair's finger nails hurt?
He has been clinging on by them for so long now they must be giving him hell.
What a great pity. It is so sad to see him in pain. Like the pain of people because of him closing my local A & E.
But unlike those people he does not need to take the pain. He can just bugger off.
But no he still clings on.
And what is he covering up now? He has been interviewed by Police in the the cash for honours scandel over a week ago and this has just leaked.
I remember in the bad old days of soviet Russia they would do just this. They kept things secret for weeks before it leaked. Even things such as the death of a leader. What was the point of that? We decried it. We laughed at it. We pitied the poor people who lived under this system.
And guess what-under Blair we now have this system.
Do us a favour Tone--bugger off. NOW

Wednesday, 31 January 2007


I have been buying buying the Times for several years now.
However I would not recommend the paper to anyone, its price goes up way above inflation and the service comes down. This means that value for money is very poor.
However I have hit rock bottom with it today.
As I am sure you know I am a bit of a football fan but when I have come to check todays results they are missing! However they have printed a result from Monday(2days ago)
In an era of instant access to news I see no reason to buy a newspaper any longer.
I got the results on the TV at 9.30 last night but cannot get them at 8.30 the next day in the Times.
What is the point of buying a newspaper? However I will try another paper tomorrow as a last resort--but why should I bother?

Friday, 26 January 2007


The first child porn client, Derek Williams, to have escaped jail because there is not enough space has been announced.
As my bit below this is just the thin edge of the wedge.
With John Reid in charge no one will be safe in their own beds.
Lets get some investment put in. Lets get more jails built and these scum bags locked well away.
And lets do it NOW.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007


The Home Office (famous waster of your income tax) has come up with a great plan. Because it has failed to build enough jails it is asking the courts not to send criminals to jail.
Excuse me?
Just read that again.
Hell--it still reads the same.
So what do we do-just have these scum bags roaming the streets?
This means the 'do gooders' will be having a field day.
'O the poor darlings ' they will say 'I's not their fault. Better not to put them on a ship or anything nasty. Best to put the little dears on your doorstep to continue to murder, rape, sell drugs and have sex with 4 year olds. And because they do not work or pay tax perhaps we could could give them some of your tax to help them get beer and fags. We must set them an example'
To right we must show them an example. So how about the example of sticking them on a boat and sending them into the middle of the Atlantic and leaving them there? That will be an example to show them we mean business.
If we are not going to send the scum to jail what is the point of having Police. If they arrest yobs and let them go what sort of message does that send?
It says 'do what ever you like pal-you can get away with it'
Is that what we want?
I think not.
Please spend some of my tax money on new jails

Sunday, 21 January 2007


Why does the Tony Blair 'Big Bully Brother' gang want to stop the police investigation into 'Cash for Honours' ?
Could it be because they have something to hide?
If not the investigation will show they are whiter than white- so where is the problem.
Unless they have no faith in the police. But hang on--is not Blair and Co. in charge of the police? So this must mean that Blair is not doing his job if the police are no good. So if the police are good at their job just let them get on with it.
Unless they have something to hide.
Watch this space--we will learn some interesting things soon!

Friday, 19 January 2007


So the Liverpool boss has lost it!
I have been concerned about the state of his mind for some time but now---
He has had the cheek to suggest that Lucas Neill has turned down an offer to join his side and wants to go to relegation fodder West Ham just for money!
This is hard to swallow. We all know that when footballers move it is for the 'challenge'. Money does not enter into it.
When Ashley Cole was at loggerheads with Arsenal he was on a tiny £50k a week but claimed that they had treated him badly and 'fed him to the sharks' This was the same Arsenal that had invested in him since he was boy.What an arrogant little tosser. Still my point is it was not about money.
Brand David Beckham is leaving real football and going to America for the challenge - he said so. Nothing to do with money.
Rafael has it all wrong. Come on mate shake yourself up and you may see the season out. Keep thinking of your position bonus.

Monday, 8 January 2007


Here we go again-M P's saying one thing and doing another.
We all know that MP's are just in the game to line their own pocket but the news of Ruth Kelly sending her kid to a private school after she has been telling us how great the state schools are is beyond the pale.
So what the hell is your M P up to? Is he (her) ever in the chamber working or down the boozer having a good laugh at the taxpayers expense?
The good news is that we can now do a bit of snooping ourselves.
Log on to and find out if the guy living off your income tax ever gets out of bed!


Saturday, 6 January 2007


Latest figures show that the tax burden is at it's highest for 20 years. £27.62 of every £100 you take home (after tax)has to go on essential items. This percentage will rise the less you earn.
At the same time items are rising an alarming rate.Indeed essential items are rising 6%-a faster pace than since the early 1990's.
The '' official'' inflation rate is 2.7%. Who is kidding who?

In fairness to the government they are doing their part in helping us to live a better life by keeping down taxes. After all they are only spending £7.4 million on telling civil servents where to put their pens and paper clips an their desks.
The consultants taking our £7.4 million think this is a good idea so where is the problem.

Just another Blair success story.
Is this the Blair that wants to close hospitals to save money?
What a pissing good idea.