Wednesday, 24 January 2007


The Home Office (famous waster of your income tax) has come up with a great plan. Because it has failed to build enough jails it is asking the courts not to send criminals to jail.
Excuse me?
Just read that again.
Hell--it still reads the same.
So what do we do-just have these scum bags roaming the streets?
This means the 'do gooders' will be having a field day.
'O the poor darlings ' they will say 'I's not their fault. Better not to put them on a ship or anything nasty. Best to put the little dears on your doorstep to continue to murder, rape, sell drugs and have sex with 4 year olds. And because they do not work or pay tax perhaps we could could give them some of your tax to help them get beer and fags. We must set them an example'
To right we must show them an example. So how about the example of sticking them on a boat and sending them into the middle of the Atlantic and leaving them there? That will be an example to show them we mean business.
If we are not going to send the scum to jail what is the point of having Police. If they arrest yobs and let them go what sort of message does that send?
It says 'do what ever you like pal-you can get away with it'
Is that what we want?
I think not.
Please spend some of my tax money on new jails

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