Saturday, 30 June 2007


What brave guys these are.
The guys that went into the London bombing car to take out the mobile phone before it could set off the bomb.
The car was packed with 60 litres of petrol, nails and gas cannisters and would have made one hell of a mess of anyone within 400 yards let alone of anyone inside the car.
The police are searching for the scum bags that did this, lets hope these bums burn in hell.
In the meantime how about an award for the bomb squad that did this great deed.
A knighthood would be great for the man that went into the car.
In an age of people getting a knighthood for singing and being on the TV as they line their own pocket this would bring us back to the real world.
It may make multimillionaires like Elton John, Tom Jones or Cliff Richard feel ashamed. To be in the same thought as these brave and wonderful people would make any decent person feel humble.

Friday, 29 June 2007


The sheer cheek of football beggers belief.
In an industry awash with money, Brooking wants the taxpayer to foot the bill for kids learning to play the game.
Bloody hell!
What cheek!!
What gall!!
The reason kids are not breaking through into the big time is because the clubs have to much money.
They are spending it on foreign players, paying them £130,000 a week, so our youngsters cannot get in the teams. They are therefore not able to develop their talents.
Hey Trev, why not use just 1% of this money to do this job?
Or are you happy to take money away from the NHS and let people die.
Shame on you. You have just fallen to the bottom of my nice guys list from the very top. Did the fall hurt your head? For the sake of the poor taxpayers lets hope it knocked some sence into it.

Monday, 25 June 2007


I see that football lover Eriksson has still not joined Manchester City.
He is reported to be holding out for an extra half million a year on top of the £2 Million on offer and on top of bonus money.
(I suppose he discounts bonus money as he will not get any unless it is paid for shagging tarts.)
He does not have the excuss of needing more transfer money. He has been promised £50 Million.
So what is the problem Sven?
What will you do with all that money taken from the poor people as entrance fees?
It is coming in faster than you can spend it.

Grab this money fast--there will be no better offer as most football owners understand a least a little about football --and that would exclude them hiring you.

Please take the job--the nation wants to laugh at you failing again.

Sunday, 24 June 2007


The bandwagon rolls on.
Prescott, one of the big hangers on of all time, is still hanging on.
He is to be given use of his flat in Whitehall's Admiralty House for no one know's how long while he finds somewhere in London to live.
He has lived free on the taxpayer since 1997 in luxury we could only dream of.
Why the hell is he still doing it now?
This flat costs the taxpayer (you) £100,000 a year.
Prescott now does nothing for his money (has he ever?)
Why has Prescott not arranged another bed before now? He has known since last year that he would be on his bike when his mate Blair left. No one else would want to be tainted by this dick head.
If this is the planning he puts into his own life how could he run the country?

Friday, 22 June 2007


I see that the new owner at Man City, Thaksin Shinawatra ,has offered Eriksson a 3 year contract worth £2M a year.
I can only think that Shinawatra knows nothing about football at all which must be a real concern for Man City fans.
Eriksson is not a football manager--more a money box.
He has been talking to City for three days trying to extract every last penny. Sound familiar?
He took a fortune out of England and delivered nothing.
And I bet he does the same again at City.
If Shinawatra knew anything about football he would understand the distain that English fans hold him in.

However there is a silver lining to the Eriksson cloud. If our team is doing rubbish & we have no interest in the season we can sit back and enjoy him fail at City.


O' sorry 6 months to early

Tuesday, 19 June 2007


2,000 Criminals are to be released early because there is not enough room in jail.
Yet again justice is not seen to be done.
We will have to walk the streets and rub shoulders with these yobs while their victims will get no release from their pains.
And this is because the government has failed in it's duty to invest in the system.
There is very little I can agree with when it comes to spending my hard earned cash but this is one of them. It is the only way justice can be seen to be done, one of the only ways people can see it makes sense to go straight.
The law is already skewed in the favour of the criminal minority--and here we go again.
Does it pay to be honest?
This government is saying no.
And after all they should know.

Saturday, 9 June 2007


As you are no doubt aware I hate "celebrities" and feel sorry for the plebs that worship them. How sad can you get?
However even I have been drawn into the Hilton drama. If you have missed it having been on the moon, it is the story of a girl with a rich daddy who can have anything and do anything she wants. She has no skills but no matter. Why work when you can scrounge of daddy?
With this in mind she broke the law and was sent to jail.
She then cried a lot (poor thing)so was let out.
Strange she got out. People without money don't get out because they cry a lot.They are called a baby arse and a lot worse.
What a farce and a mockery of the law.
However a knight in shining armour rode in to rescue justice. He was called Judge Sauer. He is a strange thing in America--a man of princple.
He has sent her back to jail (still crying!!) to serve the full sentance.
The LA Sheriff who let her out is on his way out himself.

This is a strange case because justice has beaten money.
Enjoy it, you may never see it's like again.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007


May the good Lord save us from all this.
How could a logo for the London olympics cost that much?
Four shapes of arrows and z's with (of course) London printed on it.
I have seen no breakdown of how this fantastic amount was arrived at.
Although I have heard loud laughter in the middle of the night which I assume is the owner of the design company. Strange how sound travels at night. It is a long way from a 4 star hotel in Barbados.
And there again is that arrogant prick Coe with his arms wide open (to catch your income tax) showing us how wonderful he is.
Coe will go down in history as the man that wasted more of the British taxpayers money than anyone else.
Congratulations Seb. You are number one.

Sunday, 3 June 2007


Yet further information, if it were needed,of the way MP's are ripping us off all the time.
The Sunday Times reports on MP'S putting in claims for items such as iPods and even a plasma screen TV and a fish tank.
These bend bastards spend a total of £87 million of your tax money on expenses.
Yes £87 million is what I said.
Strange there was a surge in iPod buying just before Xmas.
Remember these are the people that wanted to be exempt from the Freedom of Information Act!!! Would there be any reason for that? Are they trying to hide something? Ofcourse not.These are our representatives in the league of honour and fair play.
So why should they hide what they are doing?
This is our money and every penny should be accounted for.


Saturday, 2 June 2007


News this morning of fake drugs flooding the country.
Ill people are taking these drugs expecting them to help or even cure them.
Instead they are being made worse by these items.
How obscene can you get?
One person at a wholesalers has thankfully been arrested. Lets hope these scum bags can be jailed.
This kind of action can result in a great number of deaths.
What should the penalty be for this terrible crime?
Lets bring back the death penalty for such a crime as this where criminals are prepared to kill people for money.
Is it possible to get lower than this?