Friday, 22 June 2007


I see that the new owner at Man City, Thaksin Shinawatra ,has offered Eriksson a 3 year contract worth £2M a year.
I can only think that Shinawatra knows nothing about football at all which must be a real concern for Man City fans.
Eriksson is not a football manager--more a money box.
He has been talking to City for three days trying to extract every last penny. Sound familiar?
He took a fortune out of England and delivered nothing.
And I bet he does the same again at City.
If Shinawatra knew anything about football he would understand the distain that English fans hold him in.

However there is a silver lining to the Eriksson cloud. If our team is doing rubbish & we have no interest in the season we can sit back and enjoy him fail at City.


O' sorry 6 months to early


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I don't understand your jealousy of Ericson's ability to make as much money as he can out of such limited ability.
Surely you should be looking at his methods, not whining about how much money he earns and you don't.

The main point is however, you are missing the point.

No matter how much money is put into the game and paid to the Managers, Prima Donna players and other hangers on, it is the mentally lacking fans who pay for all this.

If there aren't enough cloth cap type, then there are always the Corporate "Fans", who are always happy to pay over their "hard earned" money.

How pathetic is that.

Whinge about all this money and then go and pay for it.And a lot more pay for it when all the money paid into the club attracts good players who bring a sdmall amount of success to the Club.

This money certainly creates Player and Fan "loyalty" to a great depth.

Don't blame the money men, unless you mean the fans who pay for it. It's their fault in the first place

thewholetruth said...

Ofcourse you are dead right.
The mugs pay for all this' but hang on a mo---
Everyone pays for the 'corporate' hangers on.
These people will spend a fortune, not of their own dosh, but that of the company.
And guess who pays for it in the end. Higher prices in the shops?

YOU DO!!!!



Henry is moving from Arsenal. And it is because a director has left and his manager may. He cannot live without them. So he is going to another country where he will never see them.
Sound strange?

His new contract is for £125,000 a week for four years = £26 million.

He confirms that it is not to do with money.

OK then.