Sunday, 24 June 2007


The bandwagon rolls on.
Prescott, one of the big hangers on of all time, is still hanging on.
He is to be given use of his flat in Whitehall's Admiralty House for no one know's how long while he finds somewhere in London to live.
He has lived free on the taxpayer since 1997 in luxury we could only dream of.
Why the hell is he still doing it now?
This flat costs the taxpayer (you) £100,000 a year.
Prescott now does nothing for his money (has he ever?)
Why has Prescott not arranged another bed before now? He has known since last year that he would be on his bike when his mate Blair left. No one else would want to be tainted by this dick head.
If this is the planning he puts into his own life how could he run the country?

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