Monday, 26 November 2007

James brathwaite

Quangos are unelected bodies appointed by the government whose aim seems to be to spend as much of your tax money as fast as they can.
Yet another example of this is James Brathwaite who is listed as a mere part timer at the South East England Development Agency. We can only assume this means getting foreign firms to invest in the London area instead of where the money is needed in the north,Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland.
The London area is very rich already -- these other places are where the jobs and investment should go.
However to get back to the story--Brathwaite has spent £51,489 on taxis & chauffeur driven cars.
Think about that £51,489 of your tax money.
Bearing in mind that he is only part time this means he has spent £343 a day!! This assumes he has taken no holiday!!
Bloody hell how can he have done any work? He must have spent all day driving about to run up such a bill. He could not have had time to get out of the taxis.
When is this crap government going to do something about all this?
Never. Waste is their middle name.
Perhaps Brathwaite has never heard of a bus that normal people use.
But why should he think of a bus when you are paying for his taxi?
Keep on paying suckers!

Thursday, 22 November 2007


Paul Gray has been boss of the tax authority for just 9 months.
He may have been in charge for a very short time but he has one hell of a record.
There have been 2 strikes during that time,it is reported there are hundreds of thousands of unopened tax returns in the offices & he has got rid of thousands of staff that should be dealing with them.
And now has lost 25 million private records of peoples bank details and NI numbers.
One hell of a record in 9 months.
He did not have any control of what was going on and has now walked away from it all.
However not without lining his own nest--just look at this.
His pay in the last tax year rose by 6%. When the government is telling us we should only have a small rise & they are cutting thousands of jobs to save money.
He was getting about £170,000 a year.
He is due to get a pension of £95,000 a year and his total pension pot is £1,786,000.
Made a fortune out of us from being a dead loss then.
I see he also makes money out of keeping sheep.
Well he could do with a good flocking!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007



It seems that a few people in the country thought this government was good & true & honest.
These people were ofcourse locked up in a mad house.

However to confirm the thoughts of the majority they have really pulled off a master stroke this time. They have lost millions of records which contain confidential information such as bank details etc. And the boss has left---just run away. How much of our tax money will he get paid for leaving? I shudder to think.

Could you believe that a government department only has one copy of such important stuff?

This is the government which is refusing to confirm we will get all our billions back from Northern Rock.

At least even the people in the mad house now fail to believe.

Sunday, 18 November 2007


The Climate Change Panel (IPCC) has given it's verdict.


They think the planet is in for a temperature rise of between 1.5% and 2.5%. and this would threaten 30% of animal and plant life. A possible rise of 4% will destroy life as we know it now.

They also say this is irreversible.
The Southern Ocean and rainforests are soaking up less carbon dioxide than ever before.

A lot of recent studies suggest that the situation will be far worse than even this.

We MUST all do our part.
We must re-cycle all possible.
We must re-use all possible.
We must not buy stuff we do not need (Women note this point)
We must use our cars less.

The more we can do now the better life our grandchildren will have. Think of others for a change!!

Monday, 12 November 2007


What a fiddle!
According to a new report peers are using a loophole in the expenses system to give themselves up to £48,000 a year tax free.
They are allowed to claim £308 a day to cover expenses when they are at the House of Lords. You think thats a bit of a cheek out of your tax but just wait for this.
They do not need to prove they have spent anything!!!!
Yes you saw right---your eyes do not fool you.
They do not show any bills or receipts--all they need to do is sign a bit of paper and Hey Presto the money is transfered from you to them. It's a great system if you are a peer.
To say this is open to a fiddle is understating the obvious. But when you look at the detail of their claims it is a real eye opener.
359 of the 550 Lords who claimed "day subsistence" (for meals etc) a £78.50 a day freebie, claimed the full amount 95% of the time. Strange that they should spent the full amount.
272 of the 406 Lords who claim "overnight subsistence" (for hotels or B&B) claimed the full amount(£159.50) of the freebie 95% of the time. Strange that they should spend the full amount.
338 of the 514 Lords who claimed office expenses (£69 a day) claimed the full amount 95% of the time. Strange that they should claim the full amount.

How can you trust a government to run the country when they let people claim things without proof that the money has been spent?
After all a lot of these sleeping old biddies are old or failed polititians. Now who would trust them?
And another thing. What is the Revenue doing letting these bods claim anything they want with no receipt? They would not let me or you do that. If the Revenue is saying these Lords are more honest than me I object to that.
Come on Brown--sort this mess out if you want us to vote for you.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007


Does it pay to be honest?
This is the question people must be asking themselves after a judge said that criminals should have their sentences cut if jails were overcrowded.
O the poor dears. We must not upset them in any way now must we?
Sir Igor Judge (Head of Criminal Justice) says that judges should reduce sentences due to "dreadful conditions". He says judges are justified in cutting sentences if two prisoners are in a cell designed for one.
I am just about fed up with all this namby-pamby stuff.
So criminals do not like jail!

So what?

In case the judge has forgotten jail is supposed to be a punishment. These thieves, murderers, rapists and child molesters are not meant to like it. They should hate it and make themselves vow never to return. How are we going to get them to do this if it is soft? After all they are getting free B & B paid for by the people they have attacked. At a cost to us of up to £40,000 a year. They must be having a good laugh.
Because it's a bit nasty they should be let out so they can commit more crimes?
What on earth is going on here? The people that have been the victims of crime should be looked after not the perpetrators. What is the point of spending millions of pounds on the trials and the police if there is no end product?
If I had my way these criminals would be three to a cell which would make them think "I am not coming back in here"
Even the government has just said that due to overcrowding, offenders due to be given short sentences would only go to prison if there was enough space.
This is a total disgrace. As I said at the start-does it pay to be honest? The answer is no. What is the point if there is no punishment? And with this attitude we are going to have more crime. So there will be less space in jails so more criminals will be on the streets.
Lock up your house! It is at more danger than ever. There is no point in criminals ever being honest.

Saturday, 3 November 2007


The government wants to build 3 million new homes!
Where the hell are they going to put them?
Not In My Back Yard thanks.
I see the National Trust is saying this as well.
Three square miles have been built on every year since 1995.
This will destroy our countryside and the very fabric of our country.

We would not need this if we did not let so many foreign people in here.

This small island is just not big enough.
Lets stop being the soft touch of europe.
Lets get all this under control.