Monday, 12 November 2007


What a fiddle!
According to a new report peers are using a loophole in the expenses system to give themselves up to £48,000 a year tax free.
They are allowed to claim £308 a day to cover expenses when they are at the House of Lords. You think thats a bit of a cheek out of your tax but just wait for this.
They do not need to prove they have spent anything!!!!
Yes you saw right---your eyes do not fool you.
They do not show any bills or receipts--all they need to do is sign a bit of paper and Hey Presto the money is transfered from you to them. It's a great system if you are a peer.
To say this is open to a fiddle is understating the obvious. But when you look at the detail of their claims it is a real eye opener.
359 of the 550 Lords who claimed "day subsistence" (for meals etc) a £78.50 a day freebie, claimed the full amount 95% of the time. Strange that they should spent the full amount.
272 of the 406 Lords who claim "overnight subsistence" (for hotels or B&B) claimed the full amount(£159.50) of the freebie 95% of the time. Strange that they should spend the full amount.
338 of the 514 Lords who claimed office expenses (£69 a day) claimed the full amount 95% of the time. Strange that they should claim the full amount.

How can you trust a government to run the country when they let people claim things without proof that the money has been spent?
After all a lot of these sleeping old biddies are old or failed polititians. Now who would trust them?
And another thing. What is the Revenue doing letting these bods claim anything they want with no receipt? They would not let me or you do that. If the Revenue is saying these Lords are more honest than me I object to that.
Come on Brown--sort this mess out if you want us to vote for you.

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