Monday, 26 February 2007


Cleric loses deportation appeal

Radical Islamic cleric Abu Qatada loses his appeal

And you thought there was no justice any more.

The British legal system IS wonderful!!!

Sunday, 25 February 2007


The UK Independence Party have got a few seats on the back of their claim to root out the people on the European Gravy Train.
What a great platform. We all want to get rid of the bent and the bad, After all it is our money they are running off with. I could vote for these guys.
But just you hang on a minute there.
Tom Wise, one of the whiter than white party, is under investigation for embezzling almost £40,000 of your money. He is said to have claimed it for staff costs but putting most of it in his own pocket.
This comes hot on the heals of news that the Electoral Commission is starting a full enquiry into UKIP finances after its repeated failures to stick to the rules.
What do I always say?
The pocket they are feeling in is yours.

Monday, 19 February 2007


Once again footballers behave like spoilt children.
And why not indeed?
After all thats what they are.
Liverpool players fighting among themselves. This cannot be any surprise when Bellamy is in the squad. Bellamy AKA The Thug does have a little track record after all.
And what can the Liverpool manager do about this?
Nothing at all thats what.
These players are all multi-millionaires and do not give a damm about anything or anyone. If they did they would not be fighting.
The manager can fine the players!! Like that would worry them. It may take them a quarter of an hour to earn it back again. Big deal.
He cannot sack them--they have a cast iron contract.
Anyway football only worries about money. If a player can get them a win morals do not matter. They will be played and called a hero. Children will use them as a role model and behave in the same way. There will be more yobs on the street. And who picks up the bits?
Society and the taxpayer.
People ask why we have all this crime from children.
This is all part of the problem.
Football is helping to make all this worse--and it does not care a damm. It just cares about the God of money.

Friday, 16 February 2007


Looking at my (and your) tax money being grabbed by greedy MP's really opens your eye's.
They even spend £5 million on travel!
Eric Joyce (Labour) has claimed £45,000. OK he lives in Falkirk but this is twice what a lot tax payers have to live on all year.
Diane Abbott (Labour) who lives in London claimed £2,235 on taxis! Are they no buses in London? Yes, Abbot, we are all busy but we do not all live off the tax payer. Would you spend that if you were paying it yourself? Don't make me laugh.
Barry Gardiner (Labour) lives in London and spent £4,213 of your money on mileage. When asked how he could have done that many miles he said "I have absolutely no interest in talking about things like that" Who the hell does he think he is?
And what can be done about this disgraceful situation?
The people that control it are all MP's on the gravy train. Do you think they are going to change the rules when that change would mean less of your tax money going in their pocket?
Your MP does not give a stuff about you--inspite what he says. He just wants to line his pocket.
There is only one way to get rid--at the ballot box. Just remember this.

Friday, 2 February 2007


Do Tony Blair's finger nails hurt?
He has been clinging on by them for so long now they must be giving him hell.
What a great pity. It is so sad to see him in pain. Like the pain of people because of him closing my local A & E.
But unlike those people he does not need to take the pain. He can just bugger off.
But no he still clings on.
And what is he covering up now? He has been interviewed by Police in the the cash for honours scandel over a week ago and this has just leaked.
I remember in the bad old days of soviet Russia they would do just this. They kept things secret for weeks before it leaked. Even things such as the death of a leader. What was the point of that? We decried it. We laughed at it. We pitied the poor people who lived under this system.
And guess what-under Blair we now have this system.
Do us a favour Tone--bugger off. NOW