Monday, 19 February 2007


Once again footballers behave like spoilt children.
And why not indeed?
After all thats what they are.
Liverpool players fighting among themselves. This cannot be any surprise when Bellamy is in the squad. Bellamy AKA The Thug does have a little track record after all.
And what can the Liverpool manager do about this?
Nothing at all thats what.
These players are all multi-millionaires and do not give a damm about anything or anyone. If they did they would not be fighting.
The manager can fine the players!! Like that would worry them. It may take them a quarter of an hour to earn it back again. Big deal.
He cannot sack them--they have a cast iron contract.
Anyway football only worries about money. If a player can get them a win morals do not matter. They will be played and called a hero. Children will use them as a role model and behave in the same way. There will be more yobs on the street. And who picks up the bits?
Society and the taxpayer.
People ask why we have all this crime from children.
This is all part of the problem.
Football is helping to make all this worse--and it does not care a damm. It just cares about the God of money.

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