Friday, 2 February 2007


Do Tony Blair's finger nails hurt?
He has been clinging on by them for so long now they must be giving him hell.
What a great pity. It is so sad to see him in pain. Like the pain of people because of him closing my local A & E.
But unlike those people he does not need to take the pain. He can just bugger off.
But no he still clings on.
And what is he covering up now? He has been interviewed by Police in the the cash for honours scandel over a week ago and this has just leaked.
I remember in the bad old days of soviet Russia they would do just this. They kept things secret for weeks before it leaked. Even things such as the death of a leader. What was the point of that? We decried it. We laughed at it. We pitied the poor people who lived under this system.
And guess what-under Blair we now have this system.
Do us a favour Tone--bugger off. NOW

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