Sunday, 31 December 2006


A great new year to all our readers!!
Glen- I hope you get your computer sorted do you can read this properly!!

Must go now-I am on my way to a piss up and a knees up at Kidderminster Harriers.
Those are the only two things you can get up after 10 pints at my age!!

I love you all.

Friday, 29 December 2006


Christmas not really over and the papers are full of bad cheer.
Council tax increases well over the rate of inflation?
Why should that be news? We have it every year. Indeed if the story was 'increases in line with inflation' that whould be real news.
Where does this extra money go? No one seems quite sure. However we can be sure that next year it will again be over inflation. But ofcourse that will be on top of the infation plus rise of this year-and last year-and the year before-etc.
The only person that can make this stop is you with your vote.
And yet most people do not bother to vote. They are far to busy sat at home watching crap on the telly to save money.
Are these the same people that are outside shops at 5AM on Boxing Day to save money on shopping?
Excuse me I need a stiff drink. Good job we have some left after Christmas!

Sunday, 24 December 2006


A very Merry Christmas to all our readers!
I will be back as the normal moaning old bastard after Christmas.
I love you all!

Friday, 22 December 2006


I see the sorry old Bishop of Southwark is still clinging on to his job.
Well who can blame him?
After all it is a real good number. Top money as one of the bosses-a palace to live in-servants to fetch his ale. No one whould want to give all this up. Even George Best was earning until the end. And we all loved George.
And I can understand the Bish's problem. He is still saying he can remember nothing. I think we can all understand this.
Only last week I had a whole day that was lost to me. I remember going into a pub and I think I remember leaving the pub. But when I woke up - where did that empty bottle of scotch come from?
I just cannot remember.
Come to think of it me and old Bish are as one.
I'll drink to that!!

Tuesday, 19 December 2006


Plans to remove a few benefits from the idle and workshy have been criticised by unions and other soft do-gooders who say the government should concentrate on getting people back to work.
These nutters miss the point.
Making it more cost efective to work WILL get them back to work.
While sitting at home picking their nose is more cost efective they will do just that.
However if the soft brigade want to pay extra tax to cover this they are very welcome. Just don't put my taxes up to cover it.
No work=no money in my book.
Free money should be stopped now.
Bloody Hell-am I on Blair's side?
Must be Christmas.

Sunday, 17 December 2006


We know that money talks but now it seems it runs as well.
Runs the law system that is.
Saudi Arabia tells us we are not allowed to conduct an investigation into 'bungs' so our very own Tony says, yes sir whatever you say sir, and calls off the team looking into it.
I find it very hard to believe that Saudi would want the investigation scrapped if they were innocent. After all this would just clear them of any wrongdoing. However if they were guilty----well. What do you think?
The head of the SFO says ministers have caved in to blackmail.
Do you want to vote for a party that is so chicken?
I do not really need to ask!

Friday, 15 December 2006


So this morning the famed BBC have a new report saying banks are ripping just about everyone off (I exclude shareholders)
This is what I was saying a couple of weeks ago.
Nice to be followed by the famed BBC!
Remember you read it here first!

See 'Savings' below

Tuesday, 12 December 2006


Well we all do it from time to time.
Human nature is to let your hair down and if you don't it's a real poor show.
Even so it seems that there is still a taboo about drink.
Perhaps that is why the Bishop of Southwark chooses to use it as one of his main planks.
He has even sacked a vicar for being drunk. Some nerve!
The hard liner must be perfect--He He!
All thought so intill he was found in a strangers car throwing toys out of the window. It could have been worse-he could have throwing up!
So he arrived home (he thinks!) with a lump on his head and having lost his briefcase and diary.
In a desperate effort to cover up his session he then told Police he had been mugged.
Strange then that his briefcase was found on the backseat of aformentioned car.
He now says he can remember nothing at all!
Yes OK Vic.
When you claim to be better than the rest of us and lilly white you sure look a fool when the truth comes out.
Thank God the Irish taxpayers footed this bill. Although I have no doubt that several British embassy all over the world is giving our tax money away in the form of booze--so thats OK then.

Friday, 8 December 2006


A new report says that thousands of people are at risk from a strain of vCJD which is spread by infected surgical instruments. Should we be concerned by this if we need to go into hospital?
Not at all.
Our saviour and the man who knows better than all the other 60 million people in the country has a master plan. The plan is clever-even an old sceptic like me must admit. And it is so simple you wonder why no one thought of it before.
All that needs doing is to close as many hospitals as posssible. No hospitals= No bugs.
The latest episode of this is Tony Blairs plan to close almost all A&E departments and open a few 'super A&E' units instead.
There is one slight flaw in this plan--the people that vote think it stinks and Blair should go to hell. (He is ofcourse going somewhere although it may not be hell-who knows)
In my town there was a big safe Labour majority so thinking several years ago this would be a good testing ground he set his local MP the task of selling this to the people.
The A&E no longer exists and neither does the Labour seat. That was two elections ago and Labour are still polling less votes than they did 25 years ago.
And the MP that backed this? Out of work?
Not quite. He has a double his money job in Whitehall. Tony looks after his own but not the tax payers who pay for the hospitals.
The great mystery here is why Tony has not learned from his first error.
People do not want this-it is a great vote loser.
But what does it matter what we think? Tony always knows best.
Dosen't he?

Tuesday, 5 December 2006


So more of us older folk are taking out a mortgage so they can go on holiday and have a good time.
A survey shows that 26 of the top 30 mortgage lenders will offer repayment or interest-only loans to over 65's.
Bloody hell -- are these people mad?
I have spent all my life getting rid of my mortgage so I can have a stress free old age and these people are doing the opposite!
So who is right?
There must be something to be said for having a good time--indeed I am all for that!
I even used my bus pass twice yesterday so you can see I know how to party.
But, come on, there are limits to having fun and in my book getting into new debt when you are 70 is way beyond them.
It looks to me as if even us golden oldies are going down the 'to hell with everything except me' route.
Is it just me?

Monday, 4 December 2006

MP's in Greedland

So what ever happened to public service?
Being very innocent I always thought that MP's were there to help us and to do good in the country and perhaps even the world. Silly me.
They are now asking for a massive rise and say they need 100k! They need this to stay on a par with doctors! What is the connection with doctors? Doctors save lives--MP's waste our tax money, what is the connection?
Doctors do good, MP's are a load of time wasters in it to line their own pockets and to hell with anyone else. What on earth is the connection?
They will be saying next that they should be on 100k a week like some footballers. At least I can see the connection here. Footballers kick balls and MP's talk balls.
Hang on though. Just a thought. Was all this planned in advance? MP's give Doctors 100k so they can claim the same? Worth a thought.
The government cannot understand why people no longer vote!!
Don't make me laugh!
Who is there to vote for when all they want is to line their own pockets. I will vote for the first
MP who says he will not accept this rise (bear in mind this is as well as massive expenses which are tax free)
Or is this all part of a deeper plot. £100,000 is leaked and they settle for £80.000. Then they look like wonderful people again.
They will either be angels or conners. What's your guess? Keep paying the tax!!


Further to my posting of yesterday please find below some good UK based savings accounts.
birmingham midshires 5.45%
Sainsburys bank internet saver no restrictions 5.25% ( as from 8.12.06)
Coventry Building Society 60 day notice account 5.6% (only for over 50's)

Please let me know if you find any better!

Sunday, 3 December 2006


So interest rates are up again.
Or at least they are up for the banks!
With the interest rates up a quarter point it would be reasonable to think that savings rates would go up at the same rate (if not speed!)
However it would appear that is not the case. Although banks have in the main already started to charge borrowers extra they have not been so fast at helping the people that give them the money to use.
When ING first stated in the UK they were very competitive with their rates. However as time has gone by their rate has got worse and worse and the promise they made at this time seems to have got lost in the mist.
They have now announced that there will be no interest change at all on their main account.
This means that their rate of 4.75% is now very poor.
Ofcourse the clever and easy thing to do is withdraw your money and put it where you can get a better rate. However because the human race is lazy I susspect that the majority of people will just leave it alone. It has been estimated that savers will lose £174,000 a day if they do nothing.
To alter the mind set of banks like this is very easy--just withdraw your money! If we all did this we could sit back and watch them change the rate upwards to get our money back. Easy!
I would urge all to check what interest they are getting on their savings and move to a better rate. At THAT time you can sit back and enjoy a beer the extra interest has bought for you!
I have just moved my dosh and been amazed at the extra interest there is when you look around. DO IT!