Monday, 4 December 2006

MP's in Greedland

So what ever happened to public service?
Being very innocent I always thought that MP's were there to help us and to do good in the country and perhaps even the world. Silly me.
They are now asking for a massive rise and say they need 100k! They need this to stay on a par with doctors! What is the connection with doctors? Doctors save lives--MP's waste our tax money, what is the connection?
Doctors do good, MP's are a load of time wasters in it to line their own pockets and to hell with anyone else. What on earth is the connection?
They will be saying next that they should be on 100k a week like some footballers. At least I can see the connection here. Footballers kick balls and MP's talk balls.
Hang on though. Just a thought. Was all this planned in advance? MP's give Doctors 100k so they can claim the same? Worth a thought.
The government cannot understand why people no longer vote!!
Don't make me laugh!
Who is there to vote for when all they want is to line their own pockets. I will vote for the first
MP who says he will not accept this rise (bear in mind this is as well as massive expenses which are tax free)
Or is this all part of a deeper plot. £100,000 is leaked and they settle for £80.000. Then they look like wonderful people again.
They will either be angels or conners. What's your guess? Keep paying the tax!!

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