Tuesday, 12 December 2006


Well we all do it from time to time.
Human nature is to let your hair down and if you don't it's a real poor show.
Even so it seems that there is still a taboo about drink.
Perhaps that is why the Bishop of Southwark chooses to use it as one of his main planks.
He has even sacked a vicar for being drunk. Some nerve!
The hard liner must be perfect--He He!
All thought so intill he was found in a strangers car throwing toys out of the window. It could have been worse-he could have throwing up!
So he arrived home (he thinks!) with a lump on his head and having lost his briefcase and diary.
In a desperate effort to cover up his session he then told Police he had been mugged.
Strange then that his briefcase was found on the backseat of aformentioned car.
He now says he can remember nothing at all!
Yes OK Vic.
When you claim to be better than the rest of us and lilly white you sure look a fool when the truth comes out.
Thank God the Irish taxpayers footed this bill. Although I have no doubt that several British embassy all over the world is giving our tax money away in the form of booze--so thats OK then.

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