Friday, 8 December 2006


A new report says that thousands of people are at risk from a strain of vCJD which is spread by infected surgical instruments. Should we be concerned by this if we need to go into hospital?
Not at all.
Our saviour and the man who knows better than all the other 60 million people in the country has a master plan. The plan is clever-even an old sceptic like me must admit. And it is so simple you wonder why no one thought of it before.
All that needs doing is to close as many hospitals as posssible. No hospitals= No bugs.
The latest episode of this is Tony Blairs plan to close almost all A&E departments and open a few 'super A&E' units instead.
There is one slight flaw in this plan--the people that vote think it stinks and Blair should go to hell. (He is ofcourse going somewhere although it may not be hell-who knows)
In my town there was a big safe Labour majority so thinking several years ago this would be a good testing ground he set his local MP the task of selling this to the people.
The A&E no longer exists and neither does the Labour seat. That was two elections ago and Labour are still polling less votes than they did 25 years ago.
And the MP that backed this? Out of work?
Not quite. He has a double his money job in Whitehall. Tony looks after his own but not the tax payers who pay for the hospitals.
The great mystery here is why Tony has not learned from his first error.
People do not want this-it is a great vote loser.
But what does it matter what we think? Tony always knows best.
Dosen't he?

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