Friday, 30 March 2007


Poor old Steve McClaren is getting somr right stick from the England supporters and press just because he has so far failed in his job.
Personal abuse given to him during the Andorra game was a bit over the top perhaps but hang on a minute here.
McClaren is screwing millions out of the game. And who puts those millions in? Why the supporters of course.
Football is a very expensive sport to watch and the reason is because people like McClaren take so much out of the other end. Now no one seems to mind this when these people are doing their job (ie winning). But when they fail to do their job (ie fail to win) the people putting all this money in should have a right to voice their opinion.
McClaren is saying he will not leave the job. He has no intention of leaving the gravy train while the FA are still lining his pocket. Fair enough--he has a contract that Tosser Barwick gave him after all.
But he knows what to expect if he continues to fail.
So Steve try giving us a half decent performance for once or do not complain about people telling you that you are crap.
You cannot have the millions, be crap and have folk tell you are wonderful. Life is just not like that.

Tuesday, 27 March 2007


I see the pope has confirmed that sinners really do go to Hell and not only that but burn for ever in the everlasting fire of the dammed.
However there is a get out from all this.
The Pope says that "if you admit blame and promise to sin no more" you should be OK--so try to remember that.
I am a little confused as to where the line is between good and bad.
Although even I would admit that to murder is a sin, do things like having a few pints of best bitter count?
And how many can you have? Perhaps 1 is OK and 6 is bad. And if that is so is 3 good or bad?
And if you throw up on the new carpet is that bad enough to see you in flames for eternity? Even if you offer to clean it up (the next day of course)
And how does the Pope know all this, has the Lord been down for a chat?
If so perhaps they have organised another meeting to go over the details.
Check the diary the boys. As Gordon Brown would say "the devil's in the detail)

Sunday, 25 March 2007


Will Steve McClaren ever win a real game of football?
This is the question football fans are asking after yet another crap show.
Was this against a top international side? If so perhaps we would expect to be second best. But hang on--this was against ISRAEL!!!
Bloody Hell!!!
You can see why these players get over 100k a week. Can't you?
Well if you can please explain it to me because I am lost.
At least we will get a result on Wednesday against ANDORRA.
Even Stourport Swifts could win against Andorra.
But what does that prove? We can only win against crap--thats what.
Come on McClaran start earning your millions or get off the gravy train.

Wednesday, 21 March 2007


The big headline is "income tax cut from 22p to 20p"
Is that great or what?
But just hold on a second.
Brown is cutting the 10p band altogether so the first load of tax you pay will be at 20p instead of 10p.
Is this the start of the underhand tricks we can expect when Brown is PM?

I think it is.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007


After last night's games it looks all but certain that we are to have a Manchester Unitd v Chelsea Cup Final at the new Wembley.
This really is a new era. A stadium costing over £3/4 of a billion plays host to the two richest clubs in the land.
The new era says that all that matters in football is money. With it you can win anything. Without it you will win nothing.
How we all long for the romantic days of the Matthews final when smaller clubs could win the big one. We all know that Blackpool will never win the Cup again. How sad is that?
Is there any point paying £50 to watch Chelsea if you know what the league will look like at the end of the season before it even starts. Just look at the terrible state of football in Scotland & we are headed in the same direction.
Where were the big shocks in this years cup? Down the pan!
Who wants to put a tenner on next years league winner? You will not be far wrong!

Sunday, 18 March 2007


I see Wayne Roony and his bird have signed a contract with Hello magazine for £1.5 million for their wedding pictures.
Just how greedy can these people get?
The "you can take a picture of me if you pay me money" clan may be pathetic.
However what about the mugs that buy the magazine (who are really paying for this?)
What sad lives many of us must live when the highlight is spying on others.
By the way there is NO truth that Wayne's prostitute is to be a bridsmaid.

I have just turned down £1.37 from the Kidderminster Shuttle for pictures of me in the Nags Head downing a pint of Banks bitter. I have my pride.
P S I am holding out for two quid.

Friday, 16 March 2007


The latest Whitehall figure for the Olympics is a wopping £9.3 bn.
They are in such a mess trying to find this that they are raiding the lottery good causes fund. This means that thousands of worthwhile projects all over the country will be ignored so that London can have money spent on it.
But it does not end there.
Brown is taking a further £675 million from the lottery but another £6 bn will come from your taxes as well.
We are told that this is money well wasted, sorry spent,and that it will leave a host of wonderful venues. This may be and indeed at this price they should be wonderful but there is a slight problem here. The only people to gain any benefit will be Londoners. The vast majority of people, who live outside London, will see no benefit but will be paying £6bn anyway. How can this be a good deal?
And if you judge on the past record of the government do you really believe that £9.3 bn will be the final cost? Not a bloody chance.We can round it up to £10bn at the very least.
What a terrible waste of money. We can cut down on public services but at the same time waste all this cash. And bare in mind that most top athletes are millionaires so why should we give them more.
KEEP PAYING YOUR TAX -- PLEASE Your government needs it.

Sunday, 11 March 2007


This government seems to delight in giving your tax away.
However it has hit spectacular new highs of daftness even by their standards.
You are paying for unemployed single parents to have beauty treatments, massages and would you believe it shopping sprees.
This includes £30 to spend on a day out!
And to make things worse Hereford & Worcester where I live is amongst the areas offering this super service.
These scroungers must have been out of work for at least 18 months to qualify.
In other words they have been taking handouts from you for years already.
Some women have had their make-up done, had facials, their nails filed and ears pierced!
The object of this is to help them find work! Since when has having your ears pierced got you a job?
Would they not be better spending their time applying for a job?

Thursday, 8 March 2007


There are no fewer than five council workers earning over £200,000!
Bloody hell no wonder pensioners are revolting!
The number of local authority staff earning over £100,000 has jumped from 429 in 2005 to 578 last year. Thats 35%
The pay rise averaged 6.09% for these top earners. This is three times the 1.9% imposed by Gordon Brown on public sector workers last week.
Some town hall fat cats got over 10% extra of your money.
When will Gordon get to grips with this?
Or is he too weak?

Sunday, 4 March 2007


It has come to light that Terry Wogan gets PAID for hosting "Children in Need".
The muti- millionaire gets over £9000 from your TV licence fee.
He is the only act to get paid.
What a total con.
Has the man got no shame?
Ordinary people, many of whom struggle to pay their mortgage, pay hard earned cash to help others while Wogan takes money out of the system.
And he has done so since 1980.
What the hell is the BBC doing throwing our money away like this?
The millions Wogan has got from us over the years he should be paying in like other folk not raking it in.
Come on Wogan give our money back.

Thursday, 1 March 2007


Ever keen to throw our money away the Department for Work and Pensions has surpassed it's self.
They have paid out £520 Million by mistake!!
Yes I did say £520 Million!!
£340 Million is listed as official error.
£120 Million on claiment error.
£60 Million as fraud claim.

Who is responsible for this?
No bugger. They just take our money and laugh.
Keep paying the tax folks.
Or use your vote.