Tuesday, 20 March 2007


After last night's games it looks all but certain that we are to have a Manchester Unitd v Chelsea Cup Final at the new Wembley.
This really is a new era. A stadium costing over £3/4 of a billion plays host to the two richest clubs in the land.
The new era says that all that matters in football is money. With it you can win anything. Without it you will win nothing.
How we all long for the romantic days of the Matthews final when smaller clubs could win the big one. We all know that Blackpool will never win the Cup again. How sad is that?
Is there any point paying £50 to watch Chelsea if you know what the league will look like at the end of the season before it even starts. Just look at the terrible state of football in Scotland & we are headed in the same direction.
Where were the big shocks in this years cup? Down the pan!
Who wants to put a tenner on next years league winner? You will not be far wrong!

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