Tuesday, 27 March 2007


I see the pope has confirmed that sinners really do go to Hell and not only that but burn for ever in the everlasting fire of the dammed.
However there is a get out from all this.
The Pope says that "if you admit blame and promise to sin no more" you should be OK--so try to remember that.
I am a little confused as to where the line is between good and bad.
Although even I would admit that to murder is a sin, do things like having a few pints of best bitter count?
And how many can you have? Perhaps 1 is OK and 6 is bad. And if that is so is 3 good or bad?
And if you throw up on the new carpet is that bad enough to see you in flames for eternity? Even if you offer to clean it up (the next day of course)
And how does the Pope know all this, has the Lord been down for a chat?
If so perhaps they have organised another meeting to go over the details.
Check the diary the boys. As Gordon Brown would say "the devil's in the detail)

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