Thursday, 27 September 2007


I see Jack Straw is too review the law about self defence.
And about time too.
The situation when people find themselves facing a robber in their own home but then finish up in court because they have attacked him is not acceptable.
In my book if people break the law they put themselves outside it.
Why should they then get protection from it?
Saying to a druggie (because that is what a lot of them are) "OK pal take my things. I have only spend 50 years working to pay for them. You take them, sell them for a tenth of what they are worth and then spend it on a fix in 5 mins. Thats OK my dear friend" is not going to happen.
The law should be to protect respectable people not the scum of this earth.
Come on Straw. If you want our vote protect us not them.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007


I see that the government has promised troops they will get £140 of council tax free when they are on duty abroad for 6 months.
Why is this?
On this basis everyone working away from home should get a rebate when they are not there.
Many salesmen are away from home every week. They must surely get this as well. They are helping the economy of the country and as such are a great asset.
No one is making these people join the army.
They are doing it because they want to. They travel the world and get free board & free beds where ever they go. Tax free.
And now they get another tax free perk.
There is no new money here so if this lot is not paying we have to pay it for them. Or we could reduce council services.
And Brown claims he will not let me down!!

Friday, 21 September 2007


Yet again a politcian disgraces himself.
In the old days this would be a banner headline but we are so used to it now it is just hidden away on the inside pages.
Andrew Pelling, a Tory MP,was arrested after allegedly assaulting his wife.
As if that was not bad enough the wife is pregnant.
These are the people who tell us how to live our lives.
These are the people who tell us to help climate change whilst flying off at the taxpayers expense to some distant land on some mission they could have done from their desk.
MP's should take a good hard look at themselves before telling us what to do.
Because most people would like to tell them what to do and where to go.

Tuesday, 18 September 2007


The bosses at Northern Rock said everything was OK.
The government said everything was OK.
And no one would believe a word of it.
Well what a surprise!
They advertise every day in every way to try to get you to borrow money so you can buy things you cannot afford. And then when you cannot pay it back they pounce on you like a tiger from behind a rock.
I have never understood why people want to spend money they do not have. But people never learn. Conned by adverts for expensive items they get themselves in trouble. And the banks have a good laugh and pocket millions in profit.
How nice to see a bank in a sweat for a change. Just great!
And people do not trust them. Well Well Well.
Not unless you are out on day release.

How great these people have had the finger.
Sorry guys we do not trust you and the reason is you.
Just have a look at yourself.

Sunday, 9 September 2007


I see the McCanns are back in the UK & asking the press to leave them alone!
Thats rich.
They have spent their time since Maddie went missing begging the press to put them on the front pages. And they have been pretty good at it to.
They have been there on a very regular basis.
Now the finger has been pointed at them they just want the press to go away.
Sorry guys--it does not work that way.
You have made yourselves into media stars and that is the way it is likley to stay.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007


For a long time the people of the UK have thought they were being taken for a ride by their MP's.
And MEP's seem to do even less for us. Where is evidence of their work so that we can see how we benefit from the vast expense?
However one MEP has taken this doubt to a new level.
Ashley Mote, MEP for the South East, has been sent to jail for 9 months for stealing from us. Yes from us, the people that pay his £60,000 a year. What a man of principle!
He was falsely claiming state benefits while living a lavish lifestyle and running two companies.
But was still screwing us for every penny he could.
But fear not, he does not need to stop taking our money. He will go on shafting us. He does not have to give up his MEP job just because he is in jail so can continue to claim your £60,000 for as long as he is an MEP.
We all know a nice person like Mote will resign at once and so save the poor honest taxpayer his wages.
Like hell he will.
He will just add this to the £65,506 he has already stolen from us.
And why not. After all he is a politician. We expect no less.

Monday, 3 September 2007


At last we have got rid of the great hanger on. The man you thought you would pay your tax forever to keep in luxury.
But he has gone!!
Joker Prescott has been forced to give up his (our) Jaguar and hand it back to us.
He has lost his driver as well. Shame.
He has even lost his team of security men. That bunch in the dark suites with a bulge in a place that disappointed the wife.

We will miss John Prescott (AKA Shaggie). We will miss laughing at him which would brighten up those dark winter days.

Life will never be quite the same.
My God I am missing him already.

How the mighty have fallen