Thursday, 27 September 2007


I see Jack Straw is too review the law about self defence.
And about time too.
The situation when people find themselves facing a robber in their own home but then finish up in court because they have attacked him is not acceptable.
In my book if people break the law they put themselves outside it.
Why should they then get protection from it?
Saying to a druggie (because that is what a lot of them are) "OK pal take my things. I have only spend 50 years working to pay for them. You take them, sell them for a tenth of what they are worth and then spend it on a fix in 5 mins. Thats OK my dear friend" is not going to happen.
The law should be to protect respectable people not the scum of this earth.
Come on Straw. If you want our vote protect us not them.

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