Wednesday, 5 September 2007


For a long time the people of the UK have thought they were being taken for a ride by their MP's.
And MEP's seem to do even less for us. Where is evidence of their work so that we can see how we benefit from the vast expense?
However one MEP has taken this doubt to a new level.
Ashley Mote, MEP for the South East, has been sent to jail for 9 months for stealing from us. Yes from us, the people that pay his £60,000 a year. What a man of principle!
He was falsely claiming state benefits while living a lavish lifestyle and running two companies.
But was still screwing us for every penny he could.
But fear not, he does not need to stop taking our money. He will go on shafting us. He does not have to give up his MEP job just because he is in jail so can continue to claim your £60,000 for as long as he is an MEP.
We all know a nice person like Mote will resign at once and so save the poor honest taxpayer his wages.
Like hell he will.
He will just add this to the £65,506 he has already stolen from us.
And why not. After all he is a politician. We expect no less.

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