Wednesday, 31 January 2007


I have been buying buying the Times for several years now.
However I would not recommend the paper to anyone, its price goes up way above inflation and the service comes down. This means that value for money is very poor.
However I have hit rock bottom with it today.
As I am sure you know I am a bit of a football fan but when I have come to check todays results they are missing! However they have printed a result from Monday(2days ago)
In an era of instant access to news I see no reason to buy a newspaper any longer.
I got the results on the TV at 9.30 last night but cannot get them at 8.30 the next day in the Times.
What is the point of buying a newspaper? However I will try another paper tomorrow as a last resort--but why should I bother?

Friday, 26 January 2007


The first child porn client, Derek Williams, to have escaped jail because there is not enough space has been announced.
As my bit below this is just the thin edge of the wedge.
With John Reid in charge no one will be safe in their own beds.
Lets get some investment put in. Lets get more jails built and these scum bags locked well away.
And lets do it NOW.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007


The Home Office (famous waster of your income tax) has come up with a great plan. Because it has failed to build enough jails it is asking the courts not to send criminals to jail.
Excuse me?
Just read that again.
Hell--it still reads the same.
So what do we do-just have these scum bags roaming the streets?
This means the 'do gooders' will be having a field day.
'O the poor darlings ' they will say 'I's not their fault. Better not to put them on a ship or anything nasty. Best to put the little dears on your doorstep to continue to murder, rape, sell drugs and have sex with 4 year olds. And because they do not work or pay tax perhaps we could could give them some of your tax to help them get beer and fags. We must set them an example'
To right we must show them an example. So how about the example of sticking them on a boat and sending them into the middle of the Atlantic and leaving them there? That will be an example to show them we mean business.
If we are not going to send the scum to jail what is the point of having Police. If they arrest yobs and let them go what sort of message does that send?
It says 'do what ever you like pal-you can get away with it'
Is that what we want?
I think not.
Please spend some of my tax money on new jails

Sunday, 21 January 2007


Why does the Tony Blair 'Big Bully Brother' gang want to stop the police investigation into 'Cash for Honours' ?
Could it be because they have something to hide?
If not the investigation will show they are whiter than white- so where is the problem.
Unless they have no faith in the police. But hang on--is not Blair and Co. in charge of the police? So this must mean that Blair is not doing his job if the police are no good. So if the police are good at their job just let them get on with it.
Unless they have something to hide.
Watch this space--we will learn some interesting things soon!

Friday, 19 January 2007


So the Liverpool boss has lost it!
I have been concerned about the state of his mind for some time but now---
He has had the cheek to suggest that Lucas Neill has turned down an offer to join his side and wants to go to relegation fodder West Ham just for money!
This is hard to swallow. We all know that when footballers move it is for the 'challenge'. Money does not enter into it.
When Ashley Cole was at loggerheads with Arsenal he was on a tiny £50k a week but claimed that they had treated him badly and 'fed him to the sharks' This was the same Arsenal that had invested in him since he was boy.What an arrogant little tosser. Still my point is it was not about money.
Brand David Beckham is leaving real football and going to America for the challenge - he said so. Nothing to do with money.
Rafael has it all wrong. Come on mate shake yourself up and you may see the season out. Keep thinking of your position bonus.

Monday, 8 January 2007


Here we go again-M P's saying one thing and doing another.
We all know that MP's are just in the game to line their own pocket but the news of Ruth Kelly sending her kid to a private school after she has been telling us how great the state schools are is beyond the pale.
So what the hell is your M P up to? Is he (her) ever in the chamber working or down the boozer having a good laugh at the taxpayers expense?
The good news is that we can now do a bit of snooping ourselves.
Log on to and find out if the guy living off your income tax ever gets out of bed!


Saturday, 6 January 2007


Latest figures show that the tax burden is at it's highest for 20 years. £27.62 of every £100 you take home (after tax)has to go on essential items. This percentage will rise the less you earn.
At the same time items are rising an alarming rate.Indeed essential items are rising 6%-a faster pace than since the early 1990's.
The '' official'' inflation rate is 2.7%. Who is kidding who?

In fairness to the government they are doing their part in helping us to live a better life by keeping down taxes. After all they are only spending £7.4 million on telling civil servents where to put their pens and paper clips an their desks.
The consultants taking our £7.4 million think this is a good idea so where is the problem.

Just another Blair success story.
Is this the Blair that wants to close hospitals to save money?
What a pissing good idea.