Saturday, 6 January 2007


Latest figures show that the tax burden is at it's highest for 20 years. £27.62 of every £100 you take home (after tax)has to go on essential items. This percentage will rise the less you earn.
At the same time items are rising an alarming rate.Indeed essential items are rising 6%-a faster pace than since the early 1990's.
The '' official'' inflation rate is 2.7%. Who is kidding who?

In fairness to the government they are doing their part in helping us to live a better life by keeping down taxes. After all they are only spending £7.4 million on telling civil servents where to put their pens and paper clips an their desks.
The consultants taking our £7.4 million think this is a good idea so where is the problem.

Just another Blair success story.
Is this the Blair that wants to close hospitals to save money?
What a pissing good idea.

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