Sunday, 21 January 2007


Why does the Tony Blair 'Big Bully Brother' gang want to stop the police investigation into 'Cash for Honours' ?
Could it be because they have something to hide?
If not the investigation will show they are whiter than white- so where is the problem.
Unless they have no faith in the police. But hang on--is not Blair and Co. in charge of the police? So this must mean that Blair is not doing his job if the police are no good. So if the police are good at their job just let them get on with it.
Unless they have something to hide.
Watch this space--we will learn some interesting things soon!


Glen said...

....arn't all people in politics bent??

Anonymous said...

These poor people work night and day to give you a happy life. They refuse to take any money other than a few expenses which is aimed at keeping them out of the workhouse.
They even fly all over the world to talk about Global Warming on your behalf.
How very dare you.

Glen said...

now i understand! that explains why they have to have so lonf off in the summer.