Friday, 19 January 2007


So the Liverpool boss has lost it!
I have been concerned about the state of his mind for some time but now---
He has had the cheek to suggest that Lucas Neill has turned down an offer to join his side and wants to go to relegation fodder West Ham just for money!
This is hard to swallow. We all know that when footballers move it is for the 'challenge'. Money does not enter into it.
When Ashley Cole was at loggerheads with Arsenal he was on a tiny £50k a week but claimed that they had treated him badly and 'fed him to the sharks' This was the same Arsenal that had invested in him since he was boy.What an arrogant little tosser. Still my point is it was not about money.
Brand David Beckham is leaving real football and going to America for the challenge - he said so. Nothing to do with money.
Rafael has it all wrong. Come on mate shake yourself up and you may see the season out. Keep thinking of your position bonus.

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