Tuesday, 26 February 2008


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And you can rely on it. I am not a politician!!!

(See below)


OK I do not like politicians. I do not trust them with my money. I do think they are just interested in Number One.
But the latest developments confirm where the Whitehall Farces got their name from!
You will of course be aware that an inquiry has been called into the way MPs claim expenses. This is because it would appear that some have been rather less than scrupulous about what they claim. (You will notice I am being very kind here)
As a result of this, the speaker in the House of Commons has been placed in charge of the committee putting forward a report to overhaul the system. Almost at once reports came to light suggesting that the speaker himself was also involved in questionable behaviour over expenses. His wife's taxi fares of over £4,000 being an example. As a result of this there have been calls for him to resign as speaker. This job is such easy money he is of course reluctant to do so.
However the scene in the House yesterday was a total disgrace. The speaker was treated like a hero! They let him know they adored him. As he shouted "Order! Order!" there was a chorus of cheers from the Labour benches as if he was a returning God. I even saw one MP get up and tell him how wonderful he was! Yes, really!
I just ask myself if this sickening sight was anything to do with the fact that this is the man putting in the report about their expenses. He holds the purse strings in a way.
Choose how you look at all this there is something very smelly about the whole thing. Because at the end of the day the people that have the final say on MPs expenses are going to be MPs!
There is an easy way to clear this up. Make these people put in a receipt for everything and stop them employing their own family at taxpayers expense.
But they do not want to put in a receipt.

Now why would that be?