Sunday, 29 July 2007


I see that even after leaving office Tony Blair is still on the freebie hunt.
Tony and his mob are off to Barbados to stay with his very good friend Cliff at the £3million villa "Sugar Hill"

I suppose when you get in a habit it becomes hard to break.

I have a 20p off coupon for Kellogs Corn Flakes. Wonder if Tony wants that?

Saturday, 28 July 2007


I see that on TV tonight ITV1 is putting out a show called "Baby Ballroom" where looking at the trailer put out every break ,features little children as young as 8.
What a disgrace!
A TV company making money out of little children.
These kids should out playing in the garden having fun. To go on TV they must practice for hours a day. What are their parents doing pushing them to this extent.
These kids are being robbed of their childhood for the sake of money.
Instead of playing Superman and being out in the fresh air riding their bikes they are being drilled like robots in the quest for cash.
Their parents should be ashamed of themselves. Children are only young once. When childhood is gone it is gone---it can never return.
In years to come will these kids thank their parents or curse them. This is a big gamble and I think I know the answer.
Even if the kids make the grade and the money, they will remember their childhood as a slog not as fun in the park.

Of course a paedophile will look at this show with glee. But does ITV1 care? Only for the profit.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007


Severn Trent have confirmed that although they have been unable to deliver water to thousands of their customers the shareholders should not worry as they will still make the projected £300 Million profit.
Well that's put my mind at rest then.

Sunday, 22 July 2007


Is there no end to the waste of our tax money?
It would seem not.
But the latest effort to help us get rid of our hard earned cash defies the most hardened council.
The great plan is to give prizes to junkies for not being a junkie. NICE (a great name) wants to give a £5 voucher (min) each time a junkie tests negative for drugs. And they could well have at least 3 tests a week. They could get draw tickets for prizes of £100 or more as well.
Can you just imagine what this will cost you? So a junkie goes 6 weeks drug free-then gives in-and has £90 to spend. He may buy an i-pod with this or put it towards a telly. He would have bought the i-pod anyway so what will he do with the extra £90. Well lets guess! The drug dealers must be having a right laugh.
That is more than can be said for the people with a real disease like cancer when the NHS refuses to give them a proven drug because they say it is too expensive.
Where do the guardians of our cash get there ideas from?
These people had the choice of taking the drug. The woman with breast cancer did not.
Tell me how this can be fair.

Friday, 20 July 2007


Once again the Olympics raises it's ugly head.
I see that Jack Lemley, former chairman of Olympic Delivery Authority (whatever the hell that is)left last October. That is the good news.
The bad news is that he took £611,000 of your tax money with him.
Lemley worked part time of 6 months last year.
For this he was paid £165,000 plus £58,000 expenses (which will be tax free)
For £58,000 he must have had a whale of a time in 6 months. But ofcourse you can when some other sucker is paying.
A "negotiated departure" then took place. This meant we gave him another £388,000 for doing nothing.
I wish a civil servant had negotiated my departure when I took early retirment. I would be in the Caribbean now.
Both sides took legal advice on the departure. No word of that cost to you is available.
So lets assume another £50,000 as we will have picked up the tab for both sides.
If this bloke was as rubbish as you would assume, why was he appointed in the first place?
And who appointed him?
And has he got promotion?
And how much does he cost you?
And more to the point has he got the boot as well. He cannot do his job.
I think not. He still sits with his feet up on a desk in London raking in your cash.

Will this latest fiasco be added to the final bill when the government admits the loss?
Of course not. It will get lost, as the whole thing should.
The latest information is a cost of £9.3 Billion. And this will not be the end of it.
Perhaps we should all move to London so we see some of the benefit.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007


This famous actor (ever heard of him? Me neither-you are not alone)
Star of "The Thick Of It" (ever heard of it? Me neither-you are not alone)
is in court again on child sex charges.
I assume you can call having it away with a 14 year old child sex.
Well you can when you are a dirty old man.

It is now claimed he said that downloading images of torture made him feel a better man.
What kind of a man are you in the first place when this makes you feel better.
Not a real man thats for sure.