Wednesday, 18 July 2007


This famous actor (ever heard of him? Me neither-you are not alone)
Star of "The Thick Of It" (ever heard of it? Me neither-you are not alone)
is in court again on child sex charges.
I assume you can call having it away with a 14 year old child sex.
Well you can when you are a dirty old man.

It is now claimed he said that downloading images of torture made him feel a better man.
What kind of a man are you in the first place when this makes you feel better.
Not a real man thats for sure.


Anonymous said...

I have no more idea than you about this man's innocence or guilt. In the very best scenario it looks like he's been extremely foolish to associate with this girl (now woman). And he may well be guilty, in which case I'll be glad to see him locked up. But do not see how ridiculous it is to use your blog to repeat allegations made in the prosecution's case and treat this like it's gospel? He hasn't had a chance to defend himself - don't you think you should wait for a verdict before rushing to judgment?

And yes, he is a famous actor - amazed you didn't know him.

thewholetruth said...

You do not understand the concept of a blog.
As my tag line says it is the news as I see it and that is what I have reported.

Famous actor!!
Don't make me laugh!!
I may spill my coffee laughing.
I could say he is a washed up has been but he is a never has been.

This bloke is lucky to have his trial in July/Aug when there is no news or he would not even get on page 28 of the Sport!