Friday, 20 July 2007


Once again the Olympics raises it's ugly head.
I see that Jack Lemley, former chairman of Olympic Delivery Authority (whatever the hell that is)left last October. That is the good news.
The bad news is that he took £611,000 of your tax money with him.
Lemley worked part time of 6 months last year.
For this he was paid £165,000 plus £58,000 expenses (which will be tax free)
For £58,000 he must have had a whale of a time in 6 months. But ofcourse you can when some other sucker is paying.
A "negotiated departure" then took place. This meant we gave him another £388,000 for doing nothing.
I wish a civil servant had negotiated my departure when I took early retirment. I would be in the Caribbean now.
Both sides took legal advice on the departure. No word of that cost to you is available.
So lets assume another £50,000 as we will have picked up the tab for both sides.
If this bloke was as rubbish as you would assume, why was he appointed in the first place?
And who appointed him?
And has he got promotion?
And how much does he cost you?
And more to the point has he got the boot as well. He cannot do his job.
I think not. He still sits with his feet up on a desk in London raking in your cash.

Will this latest fiasco be added to the final bill when the government admits the loss?
Of course not. It will get lost, as the whole thing should.
The latest information is a cost of £9.3 Billion. And this will not be the end of it.
Perhaps we should all move to London so we see some of the benefit.

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