Saturday, 28 July 2007


I see that on TV tonight ITV1 is putting out a show called "Baby Ballroom" where looking at the trailer put out every break ,features little children as young as 8.
What a disgrace!
A TV company making money out of little children.
These kids should out playing in the garden having fun. To go on TV they must practice for hours a day. What are their parents doing pushing them to this extent.
These kids are being robbed of their childhood for the sake of money.
Instead of playing Superman and being out in the fresh air riding their bikes they are being drilled like robots in the quest for cash.
Their parents should be ashamed of themselves. Children are only young once. When childhood is gone it is gone---it can never return.
In years to come will these kids thank their parents or curse them. This is a big gamble and I think I know the answer.
Even if the kids make the grade and the money, they will remember their childhood as a slog not as fun in the park.

Of course a paedophile will look at this show with glee. But does ITV1 care? Only for the profit.

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