Sunday, 22 July 2007


Is there no end to the waste of our tax money?
It would seem not.
But the latest effort to help us get rid of our hard earned cash defies the most hardened council.
The great plan is to give prizes to junkies for not being a junkie. NICE (a great name) wants to give a £5 voucher (min) each time a junkie tests negative for drugs. And they could well have at least 3 tests a week. They could get draw tickets for prizes of £100 or more as well.
Can you just imagine what this will cost you? So a junkie goes 6 weeks drug free-then gives in-and has £90 to spend. He may buy an i-pod with this or put it towards a telly. He would have bought the i-pod anyway so what will he do with the extra £90. Well lets guess! The drug dealers must be having a right laugh.
That is more than can be said for the people with a real disease like cancer when the NHS refuses to give them a proven drug because they say it is too expensive.
Where do the guardians of our cash get there ideas from?
These people had the choice of taking the drug. The woman with breast cancer did not.
Tell me how this can be fair.


Anonymous said...
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sick taxpayer said...

How can we stop our money being used in this way?
The vote does not seem to work-perhaps we need direct action.