Wednesday, 24 October 2007


Why are we so slow at kicking out foreign criminals?
The cost to us as taxpayers is fantastic.
The average cost to you of keeping a category C prisoner is a whopping £24,000 a year. However the government has now admitted that hundreds of foreigners are being kept in special jails at even more expense to us law abiding folk. There are 154 foreign criminals in Bullwood at a cost of £40,478 a year each and another 284 in Canterbury at a cost of £38,610. Bloody Hell!!
This is more than most of us earn. And to make matters worse I cannot believe these bods have paid any tax on their ill gotten gains. But why should they bother to pay tax when we will pay their share as well as our own? It would be silly really.
Our beloved leader Gordon Brown has pledged to deport all foreign criminals. So where is the boat to put them on?
While these people have a jail of their own our British criminals are being let out early because there is not enough space for them!
1 in 7 of the prison population is foreign (a total of 11,200).This is up from 3,446 in 1993. If these were not here there would be enough room for our bunch with no overcrowding.
Come on Gordon we are waiting.

Saturday, 13 October 2007


Energy is one thing I sometimes have very little of but according to new figures from RICS you will have even less of it if you use your own systems.
These guys say it can take up to 208 years just to get your costs back if you install things like solar panels or a wind turbine.
Bloody hell no wonder you see so few windmills around.
This is not good news for the bods trying to save the planet. In the real world no one will even try this stuff now.
If the government is serious about what it says it should give people financial help to bring this down to a more a sensible period of time.
Then we would all try for this to save money.
Come on Gordon show us your green bits.

Saturday, 6 October 2007


If there was any doubt about how we are being conned by marketing this will dispel it .
A report in this mornings paper reveals that Boots are selling water for £32.92 a litre!
They have put it in a can and called it Expert Sensitive Refreshing Facial Spritz.
The only people it will refresh are the shareholders.
It turns out this is just pure water. Yes that's right. the thing that comes out of your tap.
You are supposed to spray this product on your face and the world becomes good.
Consumers should be aware of the value for money at Boots.
Will you shop there?

Monday, 1 October 2007


Reports in todays papers say that the government is looking to close 15 women's jails. This is as well as the report last week that the criminal classes will be let out early due to lack of space.
This seems to me to be the opposite of what the government have already said about law & order.
Anyway we should not worry.
After all Gordon said only last week he would not let us down. Or was that an American script writer? Who knows?
The main thing is we can trust him--because he says so.
In the meantime I see the Tories have had Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking at their conference.
Why the hell do we want a foreign politition telling us what we should be doing?
Have the Tories run right out of steam? I think we know the answer.
And these bods wonder why we do not go out and vote!