Monday, 1 October 2007


Reports in todays papers say that the government is looking to close 15 women's jails. This is as well as the report last week that the criminal classes will be let out early due to lack of space.
This seems to me to be the opposite of what the government have already said about law & order.
Anyway we should not worry.
After all Gordon said only last week he would not let us down. Or was that an American script writer? Who knows?
The main thing is we can trust him--because he says so.
In the meantime I see the Tories have had Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking at their conference.
Why the hell do we want a foreign politition telling us what we should be doing?
Have the Tories run right out of steam? I think we know the answer.
And these bods wonder why we do not go out and vote!

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