Friday, 16 March 2007


The latest Whitehall figure for the Olympics is a wopping £9.3 bn.
They are in such a mess trying to find this that they are raiding the lottery good causes fund. This means that thousands of worthwhile projects all over the country will be ignored so that London can have money spent on it.
But it does not end there.
Brown is taking a further £675 million from the lottery but another £6 bn will come from your taxes as well.
We are told that this is money well wasted, sorry spent,and that it will leave a host of wonderful venues. This may be and indeed at this price they should be wonderful but there is a slight problem here. The only people to gain any benefit will be Londoners. The vast majority of people, who live outside London, will see no benefit but will be paying £6bn anyway. How can this be a good deal?
And if you judge on the past record of the government do you really believe that £9.3 bn will be the final cost? Not a bloody chance.We can round it up to £10bn at the very least.
What a terrible waste of money. We can cut down on public services but at the same time waste all this cash. And bare in mind that most top athletes are millionaires so why should we give them more.
KEEP PAYING YOUR TAX -- PLEASE Your government needs it.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should ask Terry Wogan to give us some money

thewholetruth said...

That would be silly--it would only leave him a couple af billion.