Tuesday, 5 December 2006


So more of us older folk are taking out a mortgage so they can go on holiday and have a good time.
A survey shows that 26 of the top 30 mortgage lenders will offer repayment or interest-only loans to over 65's.
Bloody hell -- are these people mad?
I have spent all my life getting rid of my mortgage so I can have a stress free old age and these people are doing the opposite!
So who is right?
There must be something to be said for having a good time--indeed I am all for that!
I even used my bus pass twice yesterday so you can see I know how to party.
But, come on, there are limits to having fun and in my book getting into new debt when you are 70 is way beyond them.
It looks to me as if even us golden oldies are going down the 'to hell with everything except me' route.
Is it just me?

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Anonymous said...

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