Friday, 22 December 2006


I see the sorry old Bishop of Southwark is still clinging on to his job.
Well who can blame him?
After all it is a real good number. Top money as one of the bosses-a palace to live in-servants to fetch his ale. No one whould want to give all this up. Even George Best was earning until the end. And we all loved George.
And I can understand the Bish's problem. He is still saying he can remember nothing. I think we can all understand this.
Only last week I had a whole day that was lost to me. I remember going into a pub and I think I remember leaving the pub. But when I woke up - where did that empty bottle of scotch come from?
I just cannot remember.
Come to think of it me and old Bish are as one.
I'll drink to that!!

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