Friday, 29 December 2006


Christmas not really over and the papers are full of bad cheer.
Council tax increases well over the rate of inflation?
Why should that be news? We have it every year. Indeed if the story was 'increases in line with inflation' that whould be real news.
Where does this extra money go? No one seems quite sure. However we can be sure that next year it will again be over inflation. But ofcourse that will be on top of the infation plus rise of this year-and last year-and the year before-etc.
The only person that can make this stop is you with your vote.
And yet most people do not bother to vote. They are far to busy sat at home watching crap on the telly to save money.
Are these the same people that are outside shops at 5AM on Boxing Day to save money on shopping?
Excuse me I need a stiff drink. Good job we have some left after Christmas!

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