Tuesday, 6 November 2007


Does it pay to be honest?
This is the question people must be asking themselves after a judge said that criminals should have their sentences cut if jails were overcrowded.
O the poor dears. We must not upset them in any way now must we?
Sir Igor Judge (Head of Criminal Justice) says that judges should reduce sentences due to "dreadful conditions". He says judges are justified in cutting sentences if two prisoners are in a cell designed for one.
I am just about fed up with all this namby-pamby stuff.
So criminals do not like jail!

So what?

In case the judge has forgotten jail is supposed to be a punishment. These thieves, murderers, rapists and child molesters are not meant to like it. They should hate it and make themselves vow never to return. How are we going to get them to do this if it is soft? After all they are getting free B & B paid for by the people they have attacked. At a cost to us of up to £40,000 a year. They must be having a good laugh.
Because it's a bit nasty they should be let out so they can commit more crimes?
What on earth is going on here? The people that have been the victims of crime should be looked after not the perpetrators. What is the point of spending millions of pounds on the trials and the police if there is no end product?
If I had my way these criminals would be three to a cell which would make them think "I am not coming back in here"
Even the government has just said that due to overcrowding, offenders due to be given short sentences would only go to prison if there was enough space.
This is a total disgrace. As I said at the start-does it pay to be honest? The answer is no. What is the point if there is no punishment? And with this attitude we are going to have more crime. So there will be less space in jails so more criminals will be on the streets.
Lock up your house! It is at more danger than ever. There is no point in criminals ever being honest.

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