Tuesday, 20 November 2007



It seems that a few people in the country thought this government was good & true & honest.
These people were ofcourse locked up in a mad house.

However to confirm the thoughts of the majority they have really pulled off a master stroke this time. They have lost millions of records which contain confidential information such as bank details etc. And the boss has left---just run away. How much of our tax money will he get paid for leaving? I shudder to think.

Could you believe that a government department only has one copy of such important stuff?

This is the government which is refusing to confirm we will get all our billions back from Northern Rock.

At least even the people in the mad house now fail to believe.


Anonymous said...

Dont worry. They have set up a help line phone number to confirm that all you details have been lost.....now whats that number 0800 - no no no, its not a free phone number it is a 0845 number!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Boss has run away., I believe he has done the honourable thing and resigned immediately, which really should set an example to all the Ministers who have been responsible for cock ups and then just stayed put.

To be a Minister must be wonderful; you make a cock up from which loads of normal people suffer, you try and blame someone else, don't resign, just stick 2 fingers up to everyone and stay put in your cushy well paid job.

If they had a decent boss, then he should make the decision for them and sack them. But he doesn't have the bottle to do it, and the way this lot are going, he wouldn't have anyone left in a fortnight.

It's a good job their employers, (That's us) can only have a vote evry few years, otherwise they'd be out now.

Well, if we weren't such a pathetic, sheep like load of morons who keep voting in the same load of liars every time.

But then again, I guess that covers all politicians, no matter what Party they represent.

Do we really believe Cameron and his mob will be any better?

Anonymous said...
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thewholetruth said...

Re the comment above--OK I agree he should have been sacked. But when you work for the taxpayer you do not get sacked.
It is one of the only places left where you have a job for life.
However I am trying to find out how much Gray is taking with him. I still think this guy is a con man.
Watch this blog later today as I try to uncover the whole truth about if he was just in it for your money.