Monday, 26 November 2007

James brathwaite

Quangos are unelected bodies appointed by the government whose aim seems to be to spend as much of your tax money as fast as they can.
Yet another example of this is James Brathwaite who is listed as a mere part timer at the South East England Development Agency. We can only assume this means getting foreign firms to invest in the London area instead of where the money is needed in the north,Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland.
The London area is very rich already -- these other places are where the jobs and investment should go.
However to get back to the story--Brathwaite has spent £51,489 on taxis & chauffeur driven cars.
Think about that £51,489 of your tax money.
Bearing in mind that he is only part time this means he has spent £343 a day!! This assumes he has taken no holiday!!
Bloody hell how can he have done any work? He must have spent all day driving about to run up such a bill. He could not have had time to get out of the taxis.
When is this crap government going to do something about all this?
Never. Waste is their middle name.
Perhaps Brathwaite has never heard of a bus that normal people use.
But why should he think of a bus when you are paying for his taxi?
Keep on paying suckers!

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