Saturday, 22 December 2007


I have a list of 10 things I would like to happen for Christmas. I am certain that none of them will. But we all have a dream. Here is mine--

1) No more adverts for sofa's on the telly. Honest guys I do not want to buy one & I am sick to my back teeth of them.
2) No more adverts for beds on the telly. This is a fairly new phenomenon & I am bored already.
3) While on the subject I am dreading the usual deluge of "Sale" ads and the BBC showing footage on the news of people who have been queueing outside a shop in London for 3 days. We have seen it all before.Like every year for the last 25 years. Give it a miss. Please.
4) I wish for a wage limit on Premier League footballers so normal people could afford to see a game. Come to think of it that might not work. How could the poor dears manage on £50,000 a week. Silly me.
5) I wish my Wyre Forest council would stop the vendetta against Bewdley Town Football Club. They could instead use some common sense & leave them alone.
6) I wish people who are too lazy to re-cycle be fined £100 a week. Bet they would be all for saving the world then instead of destroying it.
7) I wish the council would increase the council tax in line with inflation. Now I really am being silly!!
8) I wish the bin & re-cycle teams would put the bins & boxes back in the proper place instead of all over the footpaths.
9) I wish politicians would learn to say "Yes" and "No"
They should know that when they prevaricate no one believes what they say.
10)I wish it would snow on Christmas day. How wonderful would it be to wake up to a foot of snow. Then it really would be Christmas!

In case you do not hear from me again before the big day---have a great Christmas You deserve it!!

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