Sunday, 18 November 2007


The Climate Change Panel (IPCC) has given it's verdict.


They think the planet is in for a temperature rise of between 1.5% and 2.5%. and this would threaten 30% of animal and plant life. A possible rise of 4% will destroy life as we know it now.

They also say this is irreversible.
The Southern Ocean and rainforests are soaking up less carbon dioxide than ever before.

A lot of recent studies suggest that the situation will be far worse than even this.

We MUST all do our part.
We must re-cycle all possible.
We must re-use all possible.
We must not buy stuff we do not need (Women note this point)
We must use our cars less.

The more we can do now the better life our grandchildren will have. Think of others for a change!!


Anonymous said...

It's too late.

This generation, and therefor, the one it is "educating" (?), is a throw away, must have it now society, conned by pretty packaging, sell by dates, and crap food.

Many people would not know how to cook a meal from raw ingredients, they can buy ready half cooked, micro wage crap.

Manufacturers produce short life goods and we fall for it every time.

The only ones who will have a good life before it all ends are those who own a big hole in the ground for all the rubbish and ashes/bodies of the dead who died early.

thewholetruth said...

I fear you are correct with the above comment.
However lets give it a try. Let's do what we can to salvage the situation. We owe it to future generations.