Thursday, 22 November 2007


Paul Gray has been boss of the tax authority for just 9 months.
He may have been in charge for a very short time but he has one hell of a record.
There have been 2 strikes during that time,it is reported there are hundreds of thousands of unopened tax returns in the offices & he has got rid of thousands of staff that should be dealing with them.
And now has lost 25 million private records of peoples bank details and NI numbers.
One hell of a record in 9 months.
He did not have any control of what was going on and has now walked away from it all.
However not without lining his own nest--just look at this.
His pay in the last tax year rose by 6%. When the government is telling us we should only have a small rise & they are cutting thousands of jobs to save money.
He was getting about £170,000 a year.
He is due to get a pension of £95,000 a year and his total pension pot is £1,786,000.
Made a fortune out of us from being a dead loss then.
I see he also makes money out of keeping sheep.
Well he could do with a good flocking!

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