Saturday, 9 June 2007


As you are no doubt aware I hate "celebrities" and feel sorry for the plebs that worship them. How sad can you get?
However even I have been drawn into the Hilton drama. If you have missed it having been on the moon, it is the story of a girl with a rich daddy who can have anything and do anything she wants. She has no skills but no matter. Why work when you can scrounge of daddy?
With this in mind she broke the law and was sent to jail.
She then cried a lot (poor thing)so was let out.
Strange she got out. People without money don't get out because they cry a lot.They are called a baby arse and a lot worse.
What a farce and a mockery of the law.
However a knight in shining armour rode in to rescue justice. He was called Judge Sauer. He is a strange thing in America--a man of princple.
He has sent her back to jail (still crying!!) to serve the full sentance.
The LA Sheriff who let her out is on his way out himself.

This is a strange case because justice has beaten money.
Enjoy it, you may never see it's like again.

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