Friday, 29 June 2007


The sheer cheek of football beggers belief.
In an industry awash with money, Brooking wants the taxpayer to foot the bill for kids learning to play the game.
Bloody hell!
What cheek!!
What gall!!
The reason kids are not breaking through into the big time is because the clubs have to much money.
They are spending it on foreign players, paying them £130,000 a week, so our youngsters cannot get in the teams. They are therefore not able to develop their talents.
Hey Trev, why not use just 1% of this money to do this job?
Or are you happy to take money away from the NHS and let people die.
Shame on you. You have just fallen to the bottom of my nice guys list from the very top. Did the fall hurt your head? For the sake of the poor taxpayers lets hope it knocked some sence into it.

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