Saturday, 7 April 2007


The most surprising news story of the year so far is that Alex Ferguson is complaining.
No it is not the normal one of all referees are against Manchester United.
This time it is because Spurs are playing their league game against Chelsea with an early kick off today after being in a European game on Thursday Night.
Fergie thinks the poor dears will be tired out after working for 90 mins two days ago and so give Chelsea an advantage.
As well as this being a load of crap why does he always think the world is aginst him?
He ought to see a doctor
He does not know he is born.
Having the world against you is living in Africa with your babies dying because you do not have any clean water. And when your farm animals are dying due to a lack of water and feed and you can see your only food source disappear.
Having the world against you in this country is living on a sink estate on £120 a week with no hope.
Do you want more examples? Perhaps you do not need them.
Grow up Fergie and get yourself in the real world.
It may seem strange to you but there are more important things than football and more important things than putting bonus money in a multi millionairs pocket.

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