Sunday, 15 April 2007


I just love the Sunday Times.
After all how can a paper that charges 2 quid for news you can get for free on the internet be all daft.
However the advert on page 16 of sport today makes you hopping mad.
It is their own advert for shoes and says "Buy one get one free"
Now never one to take the piss I think this is in very bad taste.
After all how can this work?
You would buy a left and a right anyway so they are giving you nothing ( after all this is News International so you would expect this)
Unless, of course, you only have a left foot. Then you would only need one and could do nothing with the right shoe. Unless you had a friend that only had a right foot. You could then do a deal and sell the right shoe and make a profit.
If you ask them to only send one shoe this would be expensive at about £29.
Do you think they would do a deal and give you a discount if you only had the one?
This would also avoid waste and help global warming.
Yes, this is the best plan.
My head hurts now. I am going for a lay down in a darkened room.

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