Friday, 27 April 2007


All this about poor pampered Harry. He says he is not afraid to die and so should be allowed to fight in the war.
And the boys right.
What is the point of the taxpayer forking out hard earned dosh on paying him and feeding him and clothing him and arming him and training him etc if he is to sit in a room with his feet up watching Corrie?
If he can do nothing on taxpayers money, can't everyone? And if everyone does where will all this money come from?
The taxpayer ofcourse. But hang on, no one will work so no one will pay tax.
Have we been here before?
Lets be honest, not many royals want to do a REAL days work, so when this lad wants to, let him get on with it.
If you join the armed forces there is a good chance of facing danger. Why should it be different if you are royal
Let him earn his keep because he will also earn the peoples respect.

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Anonymous said...

Funny how Mr Blair initiated the War in the first place and I bet he wouldn't want to send any of his kids ou there. Wonder what he says to the Queen about it.

Same old, same old. Let the masses go as long as it doesn't include any of mine