Sunday, 5 August 2007


It comes as no surprise to learn that the Post Office is to pay the executive in charge £1m bonus if he does as he is told and shuts 2,500 post offices on time.
This is as well as his £250,000 basic you are paying him.

No account is given of the effect this will have on village life. Tesco is intent on grabbing a larger and larger slice of your cash on food and non-food which is closing more stores.
This means village life as we know it is under serious threat.
More people will move to towns due to lack of facilities where they live.
The ones left will have to drive miles further to get services. How does all this help their carbon footprint?

Most people do not want to see their Post Office close. Yet we are made to pay, through our tax, to do just that. And we even pay a big bonus to the man doing it as a thank you.

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