Friday, 17 August 2007


I see that £60 billion was wiped of the value of shares yesterday.
This is such a disaster for me I may have to top myself so this could be my last blog.
I may have to sell my private jet. Just imagine having to fly cattle class with all those smelly people.
One just does not do that sort of thing.
If things get really bad my butler Harris (I do not know his first name--I do'nt suppose he has one) may have to stop ironing my copy of the Times and I so hate crinked papers. They seem so used. Do you not agree?
Must be off I am late for the club. I am talking about Pall Mall Club not Barnsley Working Mans Club. Although the way things are it could come to that.
I may even have to dig into my Daddies last 20 Mill.
Times are hard for we monied classes--you would not understand.

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Anonymous said...

daddy - things are hard, i'm down to my last £60m - could i borrow another few mil?