Thursday, 2 August 2007


Following hot on the heels of the news yesterday that the NHS has wasted a total of almost £5 Million pounds on a suspended doctor they have now decided is OK after all comes todays news that the NHS cannot afford to give taxpayers a much needed arthritis drug.
The cost per patient is a stiff £9,300 per year. Yes it is a lot of money. But just let me play with my calculator.

Yes I see it now. 537 good people of this land could have been put out of misery for a year if this doctor had been working instead of at home watching the telly on two thirds of his £110,000 pay. And all the other costs that we wasted money on ofcourse.

Do I detect a slight imbalance here between waste and serving people?
The scales of justice would be so one sided they would off the Old Bailey if they could see this.

Good job they are blind.

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